Icons are digital images used for desktop menus or website menu options. These are small creative images that represent a certain function that a viewer or user wishes to access.  If you have been looking for creative digital icons you can use to change the old boring default icons on your desktop or icons you can incorporate in your website to serve as a guide for your customers or visitors, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are unfolding a list of elegant web icons, which you can apply and use, whether for personal or commercial.

These files are available in PSD, JPG, PNG and Vector EPS format for easy saving and editing. We also have a Free Icons listing that you can try out first. Don’t forget to download your pick before leaving the page.

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Web Vector Icons


Flat Web Icon Design

Line Web Icons

Black and White Web Icons


Multimedia Web Icons

Creative and Functional

  • Black and White Theme

If you want a straight and direct image function, you may opt for a direct approach of a black and white theme “Web Vector Icons”. You can check our Mini Icons listing for more of these.

  • Animated

Colored 2-Dimensional icons are the perfect functional visuals you can present or serve to your visitor or potential clients, select from the “Flat Web Icon Design” for that requirement. For more options of functional web icons, you may check our Website Icons listing.

  • In Line

If you’re looking for specific icons that would suit the product, service or information you’re offering, look through the “Line Web Icons” and use the icons that would work perfectly for you.

  • Desktop Alternatives

Do you want to add up more options you can use for multiple purposes, be it for digital interface or personal desktop function? Then go for the wide assortments that the “Black and White Web Icons” offers.

  • Media Related

For product or service appropriate functions, you can select from the “Multimedia Web Icons”.

Simple Web Icons Set

Web Outline Icons


Glossy Web Icons

Web Icon Set

Appealing and Competitive

  • Online Shop Menu Options

You may have noticed that with today’s buying-selling trend is online– everything, in general, is online which makes the competition tougher than it used to be. If you want to stay relevant and be able to compete, you need to produce a highly effective website content. You need to be mindful even with the minor details such as menu buttons and icons, it is highly important for it directs and addresses the client’s possible concerns before it even comes to mind. Using icons will give them a hassle-free experience.

  • Directional or Visual Aid

These icons can also be used in discussion slides. It pays to put out visually appealing outputs to keep your viewers, clients or readers retention. After all, most of us are visual learners.

  • Desktop Icon

Are you bored staring at the same old icons of your desktop for years? Perhaps it’s time to put a new flavor to the mix. Make it more interesting by changing it with these downloadable icons. Check out the cool transparent version as well, with our Transparent Icons listing.


So, did you find some good icons you find potentially useful for your personal computer or for your design content? If so, download what you like now and use them however you like. 

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