Though on a larger scale, all of us are essentially the same—we are all human beings, all prone to failure, all with a backstory—the fact that we all have different tolerances, different opinions and beliefs, different hair colors, different face shapes, etc., can’t be missed. Simply put, people are different. Much like these people icons right here.

Come on and see all these differences on a visual field in this collection of 9+ elegant people icons! These Free Icons are available in JPG Image, Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, TIFF, etc. formats—perfect for any design or illustration projects, professional or personal, you may have.

Group of People Icons

People Silhouette Icons


Vector People Icons


Business People Icons

Office People Icons


People Icons 5 Ways

With a range that stretches from plain monochromatic silhouettes to glossy icons with bright pops of color, you can be certain that this collection of people icons has the wide variety you’re hoping for. Read on for a short description on these Free Vector Icons.

  • From the Neck Up – The vector graphic version of everyday people’s headshots in this collection can be seen in “Group of People Icons” and “People Icon Set.” The former is of a very distinctive, almost fairy tale book art–like illustration style while the latter features cool silhouettes though sans the facial features.
  • Think Green – “People Silhouette Icons” offers you a whole bunch of people icons, with different poses and scenarios and sizes, all with the color green as their common denominator.
  • Professional, Corporate – In “Business People Icons” and “Office People Icons,” you get people icons featuring the everyday blue collar and white collar workers.
  • Everyday People – “Vector People Icons,” “Modern People Icons,” and “Glossy People Icons” feature the average person (mostly) in casual, laid-back garb.
  • Black and White – Though lacking in other hues, “People Outline Icons” and “Black and White People Icons” still are up to par with the rest of the people icons here. The former is your staple outline while the latter is your good ol’ silhouette.

Modern People Icons


People Outline Icons

People Icon Set


Black and White People Icons

Glossy People Icons


How-To’s with These People Icons

Because this collection of people icons are much like the diversity in actual people, it’s gonna be fairly easy to see them being used in a whole bunch of different ways. Read on for a few of our own ideas. (By the way, if you have a thing for organization, you might be interested in these Folder Icons.)

  • People Vectors – Graphic designers and illustrators typically go for vectors (these usually go by file formats like EPS, PSD, AI, TIFF, etc.) as these use mathematical algorithms that help to preseve the image quality even after rounds of editing and resizing. For this collection of people icon vectors particularly, it would be a nice addition to any graphic designer’s or illustrator’s stock.
  • People Cutouts – Use any one of these people icons as cutouts for a number of your school projects and special homework assignments or personal scrapbooking, crafty projects.
  • Instant Coloring Page – By downloading and printing out “People Outline Icons” and a few crayons or other coloring medium, you get have an instant afternoon coloring session!
  • DIY People Sticker Set – Download and print “Group of People Icons” and “People Icon Set” onto some sticker paper, and you get to have your own people icon stickers!

So there you have it! Your options and a handful of suggestions for these people icons. Now all you need to do is to download!

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