The Focus

A College Magazine of any university mainly focuses on the students, the campus, the events and some different inspirational stories from different students. These magazines are also considered as the overview of the entire prospect of the campus.

College magazines are often used as the documentation of events that were held in and out the university. This somehow serves as the memorabilia that everybody could go back to by reading this publication. With these, everyone in the campus will be aware of what has been going on inside and out the campus.

You could refer to the Creative Magazine Mockups for more details on how magazines are designed.

College University Magazine Cover Page

College University Magazine (Pages 1-18)

College University Magazine (Pages 19-32)

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The Inclusions

Here are the following inclusions that are found in a College Magazine:

Tips. In a college magazine, there are several tips that are coming from various students regarding a certain topic. These tips could be about building a career which will help the students in choosing the right path as they go further in their journey in life, and will help them in making the right decisions in life. This could also contain how to make a Curriculum Vitae. These tips should be coming from the students who have had experiences about this matter, otherwise, these tips are too good to be true.

Stories. College magazines should also include some stories that are inspiring in order for each and every students to be motivated in their studies and extra curricular activities. These stories are the successful ones in which a student or a group lifts up or make their university known to the public. Thus, making the university proud of the accomplishment or achievement.

Entertainments. Of course a magazine will not be completed without entertainments. This page is the most interesting that students usually look up to. This page contains the following:

  • Fun Facts: With these fun facts, the students’ intellectual capacity will be increased as they will learn new facts that they had no idea yet.
  • Sports: This page shows the winning victories from various sports joined by the students to represent their university.
  • Fashion: Of course, students would like to be updated with the latest trendy fashion. This part is also included in the publication since students have different styles when it comes to their outfits. One main reason is because what you wear is who you are. In simple words, your personality also reflects on your outfit.
  • Technologies. This page is for everyone to be aware of the new trends of technologies. This is often included in the universities which offer courses of computer studies and information technologies.
  • Arts, Music & Photography. This is to encourage students to engage themselves into performing arts or to acknowledge the performing team representing the university from various competitions. This is to let everybody know that the university also has great performers.

Programs & Events. This page is for the students to witness the happenings around the campus, especially for those who were not able to attend the event. This page is often the overview of what has taken place on a specific date and how it successfully went.

Opinions & Advices. The opinions and/or advices are coming from the students who have experienced some situations that are also faced by most students. These are actually helpful for them since they will be guided on what they should do when the same matter is encountered. Though these advices are not always guaranteed to have a positive and successful result, it depends on the student whether to take it or not. But these are often indicated in order to guide each and every student in the campus. These advices or opinions are often regarding the following matter: Relationships, Health, and Safety & Security.

University Prospectus Magazine Template

University Prospectus Magazine (Pages 1-8)

University Prospectus Magazine (Pages 9-16)

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The Publication Purpose

Here are the following purposes why College Magazines are published:

  • updates each and everyone in the campus with what is/are going on inside and out the campus,
  • guides everyone with the health, safety, & security precautions,
  • informs the students, faculty and staffs about the past and upcoming events which can also be printed with event flyers,
  • ensures the involvement of all students with the campus issues,
  • inspires & motivates students from the success stories from other students, and
  • acknowledges the students with great achievements and accomplishments who lift the university’s reputation in terms of academic and non academic or extra curricular activities.

The Essential Parts


College Magazine Cover

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College Magazine About The University

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College Magazine Introduction

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College Magazine Academic Courses

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College Magazine Success Stories

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College Magazine Teams & Services

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College Magazine Entertainment

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Tips For The Publication

Here are the following tips in publishing the College Magazine:

  • Gather information, choose a theme, know the topics to write on, and determine your focuses.
  • Ask for suggestions and opinions from various of people in the campus, such as students, faculty, utility, and administration staffs.
  • Save up money, fund raise, or look for some sponsors for your publication.
  • Recruit the responsible and talented students. Looking for these people could be made easier by printing and distributing flyers, and by posting some ads, or you could simply ask from your friends if they know someone who are willing to write. Refer to Flyer Designs to have some ideas on how to design your flyers.
  • Assign these students for the different tasks or positions such as writer, editor, director, publisher, and manager.
  • Create the deadline for everyone to follow and make sure that everybody submits their work on time.
  • Prepare the mechanics or materials for the development of the publication such as hardware, software, documents, etc.
  • Identify or determine various topics that you can write on, something interesting which is/are found in the campus. Example of topics are news, culture, humor, trends, arts, photography, music, etc.
  • Make sure that you have images from certain topics such as featured images for the events.
  • Create content that are absolutely basing on the facts or supporting documents that you have. This is in order for you to stay out of trouble.
  • Design the cover page of the magazine according to the theme that you have chosen.
  • Have a proper format and add some designs. The format should be uniform and should corresponds to the topic.
  • Arrange and/or organize the contents of the written articles from various topics.
  • Lay out the details and information ti where it should be situated.
  • Publish the magazine after you have gone through it. Also ask for opinions from your team before publishing it.
  • Distribute then the published magazine in order to be known. It should placed at the different offices in the campus such as lobby, waiting area, information area, coffee shops or cafeteria, restaurant, libraries, faculty, administration, etc.
  • Have some originality and do not plagiarize your work from others.
  • Be careful on what you write, make sure that it does not result to criticism and discrimination, or you are not being racist.

And since there students that have different personalities and came from different places, they all have different perspectives in life. You have to be considerate when it comes to their beliefs, culture and tradition.

Tips For The Magazine Designs

Here are some tips in designing a College magazine:

  • The cover page brings up the first impression of the reader. With this page, reader can tell if the magazine is worth reading for or it is just a waste of time. Basically, a cover page is an overview or the abstract of what the whole magazine is all about. Make your cover page an interesting and exciting one that calls the attention of the readers.
  • Choose the color scheme that corresponds to the chosen theme. It is better to to make the magazine with few colors.
  • The topics or information should be arranged accordingly since readers would want to easily locate what they want to read about.
  • There should be proper heading titles that correspond the topic or the content.
  • The titles should be interesting and catches the attention of the readers.
  • The contents should be organized in terms of the format such as font styles, spaces and backgrounds that are used. You could make use of best college fonts that would definitely suit the college magazine.
  • The images that are used in the magazine should be in high quality since this is featuring the event that was taken place.
  • Shapes and texture designs could be used in order to add up some design to the magazine. Though, not much is needed. Just add some to strokes and to make the magazine look more interesting.

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