Whether you are selling food and beverages or bath products, your are expected that one may need packaging templates for packaging prototypes and design projects. Packaging design must bring about a focal point of the product and still be practical in terms of display, production, safety among other concerns.

In our list below, we have gathered an extensive list of templates perfect for packaging as well as for prototypes, visual merchandising and so on. You may also use this set of templates as future references.

For more designs on packaging, you may go to our heap of package box mockups that will be helpful for design presentations and projects.

A Heap of Packaging & Box Templates
Pizza Box Templates Set


This set of templates is available in seven different pizza box designs for an extensive selection. These boxes are fit for bigger and compact sized pizzas and offers various types of formats for food safety.

Square & Rectangle Box Templates


This set of box templates features the most basic shapes used for packaging, square and rectangular forms. If you are considering using this template as a reference, then this example displays a simple guide on the folds and extensions of a box.

The Different Uses of these Templates

Prototypes. In most cases, design projects have to be presented first as a prototype for adjustments and to have a visual picture of the overall product. In this case, prototypes for soaps, food, visual merchandising, point-of-purchase displays and so on.

Visual merchandising. The latter is the means of displaying a product in a way that is inviting to customers and the potential target audience to purchase the product.

The POP Display template, for example, is made for points of purchase displays. It is of a simple template design, but once the branding, packaging, and products are incorporated into the actual display, then it makes for a good example of visual merchandising, as well as an extensive reach for the products.

References. These packaging & box templates could be used as a reference if you are considering crafting your own template. You may refer to the shapes, folds, designs, size and so on.

DIY. Similar to the aforementioned, you may utilize these packaging and box templates in crafting your own do-it-yourself projects. Take inspiration from the technical sides of the templates and add your own twist to match your design preferences.

Gifts packages. Gift wrapping can get predictable and have a limited lifetime span in terms of utilization. If practicality and aesthetics are your go to for gift-giving, then wrap your presents with these packaging and box templates. Not only do they offer a neat and pleasant exterior, but it goes a long way in showing how expressive you are towards the recipient.

You may go through our list of free box designs which are perfect for design projects and future references.

Pillow Packaging Template

One of the most basic box designs in packaging that will also be easy to follow and is practical in utilization. In this case, the broken lines will be the folds and on the tips will be the flaps which then closes the insides of the pillow box.

Soap Box Template


Even with a compact size, soap boxes still follow a template format. The reason behind this is soaps tend to be heavier in weight, and the packaging should house the product properly to avoid contamination and spoilage of a good product. While this also concerns the packaging material to be used, an accurate box template also does the job.

Floral Packaging Template


The core of packaging is to combine practicality with an enticing design. This floral packaging template offers just that. You may also add some adjustments such as additional flaps or folds to match your preference and its utilization.

Technical Elements in Packaging

Folds. Folds are represented by broken lines which indicate areas to be folded. Be extra careful with this step, you wouldn’t want any unpleasant folds in your packaging. While in those situations, the packaging material might have something to do with such folds.

But you can always add some cross marks on the sides to indicate where to cut or fold. Having that as your guide, carefully use the other tip of a cutter (which is not sharp) to mark the folds. Remember to use a ruler to guide you.

Flaps. If wide paper or packaging material isn’t available, you can always divide your parts onto another piece of paper or art board. Add flaps in areas where you would want to connect the pieces, and same goes with the previously mentioned. If you are to fold the flaps, do follow the steps as mentioned above.

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