As patterns have significant participation is making any design or artwork what it becomes, designers make it a point to stay abreast with the latest pattern releases and updates. As they say, you never know when a good pattern may help save a design’s fate. A majority of patterns have been in existence since historic times, and they still hold relevance. Because trends in design continue oscillating between new and old, it is vital that vintage Swirl Patterns remain. Not to say they are low on style and creativity, in fact you will find maximum originality and creativity existing in historic patterns. For today’s post we have gathered for you a lineup of baroque patterns.  

Seamless Patterns In Baroque Style

seamless patterns in Baroque style

Baroque patterns carry heavy ancient inklings in them.  Take a look at this very stylish and somewhat bold set of baroque patterns. The style of design is floral and ornate. You could them in fashion design or as wallpaper art.

Gray And White Baroque Texture

Gray and white Baroque Texture

This is a wonderful baroque art vector which can be put to good use as a wallpaper design, or you may even include it as backdrop in greeting and invitation cards.

Download Baroque Pattern Collection

Baroque pattern collection

Infuse a splash or baroque patterns and colors into your artworks and designs. This collection of baroque patterns has several enticing designs which could be put to good use in all kinds of artistic endeavors of web design and graphics.

Awesome Arabic Baroque Pattern

Arabic Baroque Patterns

Arabic baroque designs are hugely popular. Whether digital or printed artwork, this vector of Arabic Baroque patterns – which are brimming with decorative elements – can elevate your project significantly.

Baroque Floral Vector Pattern

Baroque floral vector pattern

This is going to surprise you. What we have here for you is one Baroque design in two different forms – as a pattern and as a symbol respectively. You could use either or both to make your works more decorous.

Fabulous Baroque Flower Pattern

Fabulous Baroque Flower Pattern

Check out this intricate baroque artwork featuring a swirly flower with curved leaves and many decorative details. You could use this as base for developing a wallpaper design or a background design.

Blue Baroque Pattern Pack

Blue Baroque Pattern Pack

If you love Baroque patterns and you also love them in the color blue, then this vector compilation holds good news for you. This pattern pack consists of old-school style baroque patterns in clue color. These are ideal as wallpaper designs.  

Amazing Seamless Baroque Pattern

Seamless Baroque Patterns

Keep it simple yet classy as suggested in this vector set of seamless baroque patterns featuring multiple designs in different colors. Each pattern is unique can be utilized to cater to all kinds of wallpaper and background design needs.

Extraordinary Floral Baroque Pattern


For those who adore floral Baroque patterns, this vector contains some very delicate and feminine Baroque patterns which could be used to design clothing apparel, desktop wallpapers and backgrounds.

Hand Drawn Baroque Pattern

Hand Drawn Baroque Pattern

Check out this excellent Baroque handiwork sketched on paper. It’s something which is not very unconventional, and you can also give the pattern your own twist if you wish, to make it more suitable for your projects.

Vintage Decorative Baroque Pattern

Vintage Decorative Baroque pattern

Black Baroque Pattern Wallpaper

Black Baroque Pattern Wallpaper

Abstract Ornamental Baroque Pattern

Abstract Ornamental Baroque Pattern

Silver Baroque Pattern On Black

silver baroque pattern on black

Gold Swirls In Baroque Style

Gold swirls in baroque style

Baroque patterns are a delight to create and watch. This genre of patterns is hugely liked by designers and audiences it is because baroque patterns have the ability to infuse life into all aspects of a design. The aforementioned patterns can be utilized in online as well as offline projects too – you can use the patterns to design everyday items such as phone cases, purses, wallets etc.

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