Generally speaking, patterns appear in our everyday life for a reason. They are particularly significant as well. We see them in our daily routines and typically use them as templates of sorts for how we opt to live the rest of our days. In art, when you really think about it, the same could be said about patterns. Patterns are thought to be the “skeleton,” the foundation, that organizes the different elements of a composition. And, of course, they look pretty.

So that you could actually get a visual of how this all plays out, check out this collection of 9+ silhouette patterns for Photoshop! These Pattern Silhouettes Vectors come in JPG, PNG, Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, and PSD formats—perfect for whatever design purposes you may have for them.

Halloween Silhouette Pattern

Halloween Silhouette Pattern

Animal Silhouette Pattern

Animal Silhouette Pattern

Silhouette Wood Pattern

Silhouette Wood Pattern

Photoshop Silhouette Patterns 4 Ways

You may have already done a simple sweep of this page, and consequently, you may also have already noticed how varied this collection of Photoshop silhouette patterns is. (And I’m betting that the same is true for these Free Black Seamless Patterns.) Just to drive the point home, read on to know a bit more about what silhouette patterns are available here.

  • Cartoony

As we all grow older, our tastes and preferences naturally mature as well. But cartoons or, really, anything remotely cartoon-ish are just one of those things that stay with you. And, as a fun little treat, we have that and the mischievous fun of Halloween in one delightful pattern that is “Halloween Silhouette Pattern.”

  • Similarly Different

We also have a few others here that have design elements that are the same… but not really. Essentially, they all go with a theme of sorts, or certain elements are just a tad different from others. To get my drift, check out the following Photoshop silhouette patterns: “Animal Silhouette Pattern,” “Silhouette Wood Pattern,” “Silhouette Paper Pattern,” and “Bird Silhouette Pattern.”

  • Uniform

You need only take a look at “Horse Silhouette Pattern,” “Flower Silhouette Pattern,” “Damask Silhouette Pattern,” and “Black & White Silhouette Pattern,” to know what uniform means.

  • Camouflage

Not much to say here except have a look-see at “Deer Silhouette Pattern.” That’s all the explanation you need, really.

Deer Silhouette Pattern

Deer Silhouette Pattern

Damask Silhouette Pattern

Damask Silhouette Pattern

Silhouette Paper Pattern

Silhouette Paper Pattern

Bird Silhouette Pattern

Bird Silhouette Pattern

Black & White Silhouette Pattern

Black & White Silhouette Pattern


What Photoshop Silhouette Patterns Are For

Now that you’ve seen all that these Photoshop silhouette patterns have to offer you, let’s get to the interesting, fun part: what can these Photoshop silhouette patterns do for you? (If that doesn’t really float your boat, you may check out these Bird Silhouettes instead.)

  • High-Quality Silhouette Patterns

Because these Photoshop silhouette patterns come with the vector formats Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, Photoshop PSD, you won’t have to really stress over the image quality getting impaired with the rounds of editing and scaling. That’s the magic of vectors!

  • Wallpaper Ideas

Whether you want a fresh new backdrop for your website or blog or a different feel and look for your bedroom walls, you can get a few ideas from this collection of Photoshop silhouette patterns. Personal fave is “Damask Silhouette Pattern.”

  • DIY Stationery Set

Want a few printables to add to your million stacks of crafts paper? Download “Silhouette Wood Pattern” and “Flower Silhouette Pattern,” make a few tweaks here and there (perhaps make the latter more translucent), and print! Easy peasy.


There you have it! Now that we’ve covered all our bases, I’ll leave you to take care of the downloading part yourself. (Because you will download, won’t you?)


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