Are you fond of colors? Well, I guess that’s a rhetorical question. To begin with, and I assume, you stumbling onto this page is no mere accident. So, I guess the appropriate thing to say is “Welcome to the world of colors!” Stay on board and don’t let the day go by without downloading these colorful pattern delights. We have listed 9 rainbow patterns below which you can use to amplify any design.

Prepare your eyes for an explosion of colors! Don’t forget to download these Rainbow Patterns in PSD, Vector EPS, and PNG after your tour. Have fun and let the color festival begin!

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Seamless Rainbow Pattern

Rainbow Circle Pattern

Rainbow Leopard Pattern


Rainbow Mosaic Pattern

Rainbow Swirl Pattern


 Trivia Train

  • First trivia: Did you know that the most popular color is blue? An international study confirms this through an ongoing worldwide survey. Next to blue is purple. The third and fourth runners-up are red and green, and the least favorites were orange and yellow.
  • Second trivia: Did you know that the color pink suppresses anger? This palliative color apparently, subdues anger and anxiety. Its subtle and calming tone is the reason why some mental healthcare institutions paint their walls pink.

Significance of Colors

  • Colors have strong appeal to the senses. We’d like to think that it is relatively a miraculous thing. Why wouldn’t it be? Regardless of the fact that it doesn’t exist and it is just a result of how our brain processes wavelengths it receives from the outside, it affects us in many ways, and the positive ones are the only thing that would matter at the end of the day. Imagine a world without colors. I bet nothing would make sense.
  • Our list of rainbow patterns ranges from seamless, geometric, animal print, mosaic, swirls, grunge, pastel and petals. Everything you need for any purpose you need.

Colors do make a lot of wonders. They bring life and triggers excitement. If you are fascinated with what you’ve seen so far, do check out our sparkling  Rainbow Glittering Patterns for more colorful treats.

Grunge Rainbow Pattern

Rainbow Pastel Patterns

Rainbow Petal Pattern


Geometric Rainbow Seamless Patterns

Modern Rainbow Pattern

A World Without Colors

Living in a world without color would be like living blind. Things would not make sense, and things around us wouldn’t be valued as much as we do presently. It is through colors that we are able to embrace beauty, breathe in its air. It’s the reason why we are able to tolerate the mundane cycle of life, the annoying traffic, and appreciate payday. The reason behind the positive thought “there’s always a rainbow after the rain”, rainbow basically signifies rejuvenation and life.

Primary Meaning

Now that you’ve learned a thing or two about colors and realized how we should be thankful for it. You should know by now how colors affect the lives of humankind. Here’s a brief highlight why you need to have these Rainbow Colored Patterns in your life… or creative toolbox rather. Colors:

  • can alter/set moods;
  • enables you to distinguish one thing from another;
  • enables you to visualize an idea;
  • stimulates the senses; and
  • influences perspective.

So, have you made your pick yet? Stop hesitating and download these packages all laid out for you. They come in PSD, Vector EPS, and PNG download formats. Safe, easy and fun!

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