Horses have been domesticated by humans for over 5000 years. They have served a variety of different purposes, from being of assistance in agricultural endeavors to even providing their meat for consumption. In whatever way they have been used–for good or ill–horses still remain to be seen as some of the most majestic animals.

If you’re an equine enthusiast, you’re in luck. We have here for you a collection of horse photography. These photos are in high-resolution quality and are available for download in the JPG format. If you are also into the classics, head right on over to our Vintage Photography listing.

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Wild Horse Photography


Horse and Rider Photography


Professional Horse Photography


Horse Head Photography


Different Horse Photography Shots

Here are a few composition ideas for your own photography project.

  • Horses in Action

You just have to appreciate the grace of a horse in action. Whether they are charging towards the finish line as seen in”Horse Racing Photography”, or trying to brave uncharted territory like in “Horse Portrait Photography”, or just plainly jumping around like these horses in”Black Horse Photography” and “Horse and Rider Photography”, they unleash their wild and untamed natures.

  • Just Standing Around

Even when these animals are at rest, they are still quite magnificent. “Wild Horse Photography”, “Horse Landscape Photography”, “Professional Horse Photography”

  • Up Close

Go for a close up shot if you want to capture the gentle expressions of a horse. In contrast to their display of physical prowess when they are in action, their eyes in “Horse Head Photography” make them look sweet and really quite timid.

  • Conceptual

We also have options ranging from the simple to the fantastical. Capture a classic and down-to-earth shot like the “Black and White Horse Photography”. You can also opt for a more mysterious and magical look by tweaking the image as done in “Jumping Horse Photography”.


For images of creatures living in the wild, take a stroll through our gallery featuring some nifty Wildlife Animal Photography.

Horse Racing Photography


Jumping Horse Photography


Black and White Horse Photography


Horse Landscape Photography


Black Horse Photography


What to Do with These Horse Photographs

If you’re not that much of a photographer and just came here in order to download photos of your favorite animal, go right ahead! And while you’re at it, you can peruse the following list for ideas of the cool things you can do with the pictures you’ve downloaded.

  • Who Framed Roger Horse?

Printing a picture or two, having them framed and hanging them on select places around your house is the obvious thing to do if you’re a fan of equines. Framed photographs can add a certain atmosphere to the room and give it some personality.

  • A Digital Gallery

Do you want to flaunt your love of horses? You can easily do so by making them your cover or featured photos in social media.

  • A Bit of Arts and Crafts

For those with an artsy nature, you can use these pictures as art material. Print your favorite photos, and turn them into bookmarks (if you love reading), scrapbook material (if you like keeping mementos), as greeting cards to fellow horse lovers, as well as tags for gifts and thank you notes.


Of course, if you also have an affinity for feathered creatures, you can check out our collection of Birds Photography.

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