A leaf symbolizes hope, renewal, and revival. The green pigment exudes natural beauty and life. When incorporated to design it makes for a perfect recipe for relaying calm and peace to viewer or customer. We are most certain that you clicked on this article to know more about these stunning packages perfect for that project you’re working on or simply trying to find an inspiration for a design. Look no further, because we have it all covered here!

Browse through our list of Beautiful Leaf Textures that are editable in Vector API, SVG, EPS and PDF, and incase you are not ready to invest on these valuable packages, you may give our Free Textures a try.

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Green Leaf Texture

Leaf Texture Background

Seamless Leaf Texture

Leaf Vector Texture


Leaf Vein Texture

Greener Pasture

In the Chinese tradition, the cosmic tree’s leaves is believed to represent all of us, human beings in the universe by their vast number. Leaves can also be traced to the biblical story of creation when Adam used leaves to cover his body after discoverig the shame of nakedness. The symbolism behind leaves allowed them to star in their own idiomatic expression  “turning over a new leaf”, which means starting anew and forgetting past shortcomings. Add another depth of meaning to your designs by starting with our leafy packages.

  • These Leaf Textures are like no other. We’ve listed down different varieties to suit your specific design requirements. They come in different forms, such as photographic images and vectors. We have it all covered.
  • If you want to opt for a more zen vibe then I would suggest using our Green Leaf Texture, Leaf Texture Background, Leaf Vein Texture, Realistic Leaf Texture, White Leaf Texture.
  • For a more colorful and fun approach, our Seamless Leaf Texture, Leaf Vector Texture, Red Leaf Texture and Autumnal Leaves Texture will suit perfectly well.

Stop delaying the idea of not saving texture/theme designs in your toolbox. It pays to be ready all the time. You may not always be online when working on designs, so it is always better to be well-equipped with tools you can work with on the spot.

Abstract Leaf Texture

Realistic Leaf Texture


Red Leaf Texture

White Leaf Texture

Autumnal Leaves Texture


Leaf It Be

  • In every designer’s process when creating a design, a theme first of,  is the foundation as it would be easier to then build up more ideas from that starting point. There shouldn’t be a disconnect between the theme and the content. It simply makes the product cohesive and whole.
  • When working on, let’s say, a design for any wellness related project, earth elements would be the  go-to tem as it  wraps up the content even with just a single glance. This is where our Green Textures would play the part. Have this in your Photoshop toolbox and you can get away with the hassle of researching and nail biting due to that approaching deadline.

Own It

Here’s what you get from these stunning design textures,

  • These design textures are simply one of a kind.
  • The options can be used in numerous ways.
  • The vector formats brings ease and convenience to editing.
  • You may preview, zoom in and out to check the quality and size of each of these textures.
  • They are printable to any surface mediums, such as paper(any), tarpaulin, and even fabric.

What’s the hold up? Go collect you picks by downloading them. Don’t let this opportunity slip!

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