Does the main celebrant of the upcoming birthday party have a penchant for bunnies? Are you and your partner expecting a child and would want to spruce up that nursery room already? Will that long overdue weekend Easter-themed party finally push through and you need immediate wallpaper decorations?

Well, we have the answer here for you. We have compiled rabbit silhouettes that are easily downloadable. All the silhouettes are available in EPS, PNG, JPG, and SVG formats. What are you waiting for? Scroll now and take your pick.

If by chance, you want images that will cost you nothing, then you can direct yourself to our Free Silhouette Designs listing.

Rabbit Silhouette Outline

Rabbit Silhouette Outline 1

Cartoon Rabbit Silhouette

Cartoon Rabbit Silhouette

Long Ears Rabbit Silhouette

Rabbit Ears Silhouette

Standing Rabbit Silhouette

Standing Rabbit Silhouette


Something Cute Comes Out Of These Outlines

  • Squish These Bunny Cheeks Now

Why are rabbits so cute? They are like these tiny bundles of fluffy joy waiting to be cuddled forever. Sweet. Gentle. Plus those ears. Aren’t they perfect? Just like what is being depicted in this “Rabbit Silhouette Outline.”

  • Lights! Camera! Rabbit’s Foot!

From the What’s-up-Doc? mischievousness of Bugs Bunny to the criminally-shamed Roger Rabbit this small mammal has literally lit up the Hollywood Silver screen with its own brand of anthromorphic caper. How about you create a soon-to-be recognizable character of your own with the help of this “Cartoon Rabbit Silhouette.”

  • Why Do You Have Such Big Ears, Big Ears?

Why was the rabbit made with such long ears? Did you know that these long and fluffy ears can be rotated to a certain degree in which it can detect the source of the sound? Another helpful characteristic of having such an expanded organ for hearing is that it enables rabbits to circulate blood through a certain vein located in the ear itself. No sense in trying to find that vein in our “Long Ear Rabbit Silhouette.”

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Running Rabbit Silhouette

Running Rabbit Silhouette

Rabbit Silhouette Vector

Rabbit Silhouette Vector

Funny Rabbit Silhouette Clipart

Rabbit Silhouette Clipart

Bunny Rabbit Silhouette

Bunny Rabbit Silhouette

Printable Rabbit Silhouette

Printable Rabbit Silhouette

Who Will Benefit From These Cute Rabbit Silhouettes?

If you have finished poring over our compilation of adorably cute rabbits, here are our big ideas on how to start yourself with these silhouettes.

  • You can use these images as an enhancement in your visual presentations.
  • If you are part of a conservation campaign for an agricultural land, you can use one or two of these images to get your point across to your intended audience.
  • You can use them on such platforms as printing in fabrics and crafts.
  • Easily download our silhouettes and incorporate them as stickers be it for your cars. Have them as a home decor accessory.
  • You can use them to beef-up that upcoming Easter-themed party. These images would be perfect for a quick printable decor.
  •  If you are just a person who is into rabbits and like to surround yourself with such an overload of cuteness, then have these images as your screensaver. If you own a pet shelter or shop then you can also use any of the images as a web page banner.

If you want more specific silhouettes pertaining to other mammals then you can also check out our Horse Silhouettes listing.

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