Through the years as evidenced by the vibrant history of art, silhouettes have been part of a variety of works, perhaps as stand-alones or as inclusions in a larger-scale masterpiece. Silhouettes make use of elements of negative and positive space, and light and shade; and they take advantage of the form of the chosen subject matter typically to “highlight” that which is in the background.

In this collection of 9+ elegant owl silhouettes, you can see just how all that technique and those elements come together to create awe-inspiring depictions of these wonderful creatures. These Silhouette Designs of owls come in high res JPG, Vector EPS, Vector AI Illustrator, Vector PDF, etc. formats as well!

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Flying Owl Silhouette

Free Owl Silhouette


Owl Vector Silhouette

Owl Wing Silhouette

Owl Silhouettes 5 Ways

As you can see in this collection of owl silhouettes, there’s quite a variety in  the designs and illustration styles featured. (I’m betting the same is true for these Deer Silhouettes. Go ahead and check it out to see.)

  • In Flight

You can’t go wrong with a little flying action here and there, right? See this magnificent creature (vector or photograph, it doesn’t really matter, right?) in flight in the following owl silhouettes: “Flying Owl Silhouette,” “Owl Wing Silhouette,” and “Barn Owl Silhouette.”

  • Cutesy

It’s already been anticipated that you’ll be looking for something on the cute side. See “Cute Owl Silhouette,” and go crazy!

  • Quirky and Whimsical

If the whole straight-from-a-fairy-tale look is what you’re after, you can have that in “Owl Vector Silhouette” and “Owl Silhouette Printable.” Notice how each owl silhouette kind of straddles the line between cartoon and silhouette?

  • On Her Perch

See the owl on her throne in “Vector Owl Silhouette.” (Bonus point for this being a silhouette: you don’t have to look into its judging eyes boring holes into your soul.)

  • Not Exactly Silhouettes

Then there are those that are more outlines than silhouettes. Nevertheless, the quality of both “Free Owl Silhouette” and “Simple Owl Silhouette” is still up there.

Cute Owl Silhouette

Simple Owl Silhouette

Barn Owl Silhouette


Vector Owl Silhouette

The Deal with Owl Silhouettes

Now that you’ve gotten to this point, I take it that you’ve seen each owl silhouette. Perhaps now you can agree with me when I say that the variety of designs in this collection of owl silhouettes is pretty evident. (The same goes for these Animal Silhouettes.) Also, given said variety, it’s fairly easy to think of a number of creative ways to use each one. Why, we’ve come up with a few of our own!

  • Owl Silhouette Vectors

As a graphic designer or illustrator, sometimes you just can’t catch a break with the number of projects you have to finish. Of course, you wanna produce top-notch quality outputs, but you could use some help. With these owl silhouette vectors, you can take care of those projects while saving up on time, energy, and sanity.

  • Instant Coloring Page

Download any or all of the following: “Free Owl Silhouette,” “Owl Vector Silhouette,” and “Simple Owl Silhouette.” Apply your desired layout settings, and then print those suckers! After that, you’re just gonna have to get on with the actual coloring.

  • DIY Owl Sticker Set

Shove some sticker paper into your printer (make sure your ink cartridges are full), and then print out “Owl Silhouette Printable.” Then you can cut out the individuals and get to sticking them onto your journal because why not?


Don’t forget. Check out these owl silhouettes, and download them for a hoot of good fun!

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