Do you belong to a tight-knit and hard-working family making an upstart swing by starting your own business producing quality and exceptional beef? Have you been contacted to help in a first key branding decision with a company design for a cattle farm? Are you a designer tasked to design a project, specifically of a silhouette and/or the outline of a cow?

If you’re looking for well-defined outlines of cows on the web, then you’ve grazed yourself to the right pasture. Scroll down and check out our designs. They are all in interesting and compelling formats via PNG, JPG, SVG, and EPS. All the images are customizable in size and can easily be downloaded.

You can also see our Free Silhouette Designs listings.

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Cow Head Silhouette

Cow and Calf Silhouette

Black Cow Silhouette

Longhorn Cow Silhouette

Farm Cow Silhouette


His Name Was Sir Loin

  • Head of a Cattle

In some countries, the heads of cows are immediately discarded and are placed in the waste basket. Most people, especially in western countries, do not have any inclination of devouring meat from a cow’s head. If you don’t like eating it, why don’t you just download this “Cow Head Silhouette” instead?

  • Painting Skulls

Did you know that a painting cow skull is an art form that has made its way into most Western-styled homes? Some find a cow skull quite ghastly. How about you? What can you say of this “Cow Skull Silhouette?”

  • Heal the Planet

Is there truth that grazing cows can really help heal the planet? Does this planet need the animals the same way animals need it? What do you think of this “Grazing Cow Silhouette,” could there be a certain truth to that matter?

  • Simply Bovine

Cows seem to always be the butt of every joke. From comic strips to a burger joint commercials, cows are always treated as dumb. Maybe because what they do all day long is just chew on grass. What do you think of this “Cow Design Silhouette” is there something funny about it or not?

You can also see our Animal Silhouette Vectors listing, if  your done downloading our cow silhouettes.

Cow Design Silhouette

Cow Skull Silhouette

Grazing Cow Silhouette

Free Vector Cow Silhouette


Moo Your Way to a Finished Project

  • Impress with Your New Portfolio

Being a graphic designer, your most important marketing tool is your graphic design portfolio. Have these well-crafted designs be the models for that piece to impress a future client and employer. Update! Print! Showcase!

  • Product Packaging and Labeling

Don’t stick with those tacky, over-done packaging designs, stand out by taking the minimalist approach and use silhouettes instead. A box is not just a tool to hold the product. It is a powerful selling tool.

  • Brand the Employees

If you’re the proprietor of a meat shop, use these simple but elegant designs as an accent for your company uniforms. The customers will surely appreciate your efforts in corporate fashion.

  • A Whole Lot More

The list is endless. If you’re a butcher or meat shop owner, use one of these on your signage, on your business cards, on your meat list or even on your company stationery.

You can also see our Free Silhouette Designs listings for more ideas. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and hit download! This is an absolutely good offering!

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