Clip arts have been growing in numbers lately. This creative and decorative image that expresses or translates a lot of things like emotions, to images of animals, nature depictions and many more are all being used by anyone who uses any modern gadget. If your fondness for clip arts is what brought you here, then you’d better reward yourself and have the best time in viewing our clip art borders that are downloadable and printable.

These cuties which also come free with our Free Clip Art Borders listing are in Vector EPS, JPG and PNG format for easy editing (especially scaling) and printing.

Thanksgiving Clip Art Border

Thanksgiving Clip Art Border


Christmas Clip Art Border

Christmas Clip Art Border


Mickey Mouse Clip Art Border

Mickey Mouse Clip Art Border


Creative Avenue

These clip art borders can be used in so many useful ways. To prove that statement right, here are a few suggestions you may want to consider.

  • Frame It Up

It’s nice to have a picture album with your dear pets. Show us some love and have your good memory posted on our “Free Paw Clip Art Border”.

  • Invitation Card

Thanksgiving is one of the celebrations members of the family and circle of friends look forward to because everyone can gather and reunite. Show how important the occasion is by making an invitation card using our “Thanksgiving Clip Art Border”.

  • Poster

The holiday season is the longest period of celebration. Parties are practically everywhere. If you’re planning a party yourself, don’t forget to include a poster. Use our “Holiday Clip Art Border” or the “Christmas Clip Art Border” for that matter.

  • Thank You Card

The “Mickey Mouse Clip Art Border” is a perfect layout for the thank you message you will be sending to your party guests as well as party helpers


You can add more to it than just borders, check our Holiday Clip Arts listing to add more fun elements to your holiday cards or posters.

Autumn Clip Art Border

Autumn Clip Art Border


Halloween Clip Art Border

Halloween Clip Art Border


Disney Clip Art Border

Disney Clip Art Border


Nautical Rope Clip Art Border

Nautical Clip Art Border


Everyone Gets a Pass

It’s not so difficult to turn your creative wheel around these lovely ready-works. All you need is your imagination and a couple of art materials.

  • For Novices

If you have no digital editing background or and are not well-versed in it, you need not worry because you can always learn the simplest ways of editing using the simplest tools your gadget contains. You can also watch simple editing tutorials on YouTube to make your work extra special or professional-looking.

  • For Art Instructors

If by chance you are an art instructor or teacher in a school or workshop, then showing your students these creative outputs will inspire them for sure! This can serve as a base, then you can add more decorations and texture accessories to the mix. Simply personalize it and make your own signature.

  • For Personal Use

The majority of us like to see images of our happy memories hung on our walls, placed on our tables or above the cabinets for decoration, or as a reminder that everything is good despite the bad or stressful day you’ve just had.


So, what’s the holdup? Download your favorite border clip art this instant! Share it with your artistic friends and or students and have taken that creativity game on point. Do check our amazing Sun Clip Arts listing as well– you will love it too for sure!

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