When you hear or read the name Tiger Woods, it prompts just one image: a golf ball and a dude in khakis and a funky-looking hat. The image takes you back to when you were whining, sitting on the couch next to your dad as his attention remained on the game. It only bored you to tears; but every time you let out a blasphemous (to your dad, anyway) “Tiger Woods sucks!” as a challenge, deep inside, you’re not really complaining because you got to have some quality time with your old man.

With this collection of the 9+ best golf clip arts, you can reminisce some more of those TV golfing moments and that first experience at your nearby mini golf course. These Free Clip Art Images come in different formats—JPG being one of them.

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Golf Ball Clip Art


Free Golf Clip Art


Mini Golf Clip Art


Golf Clip Arts 5 Ways

Given that this collection of golf clip arts is limited to just everything, well, golf, a few times scrolling up and down will tell you that the images are not just a handful of Cartoon Clip Arts. Check out the five different categories listed below.

  • Of Golf Balls, Tees, and Things

You don’t have to know the game like the back of your hand to be familiar with some of the equipment and other tools. In this collection of golf clip arts, you will see a golf ball, a tee, a golf club, and a golf cart, in the following images: “Golf Ball Clip Art,” “Golf Cart Clip Art,” and “Golf Club Clip Art.”

  • Cartoon Golfers

Aside from the beloved mouse in “Free Golf Clip Art,” you also get a few ordinary folk in “Mini Golf Clip Art,” “Golf Cartoon Clip Art,” and “Funny Golf Clip Art.”

  • Golf Course (Landscape)

In “Golf Course Clip Art,” you’ll see how out of all sports, golf has the most picturesque setting.

  • Beyond Borders

The little green number that is “Golf Ball Border Clip Art” is a wonderful frame of everything putterrific!

  • Black and White

“Black and White Golf Clipart” is just what it claims to be: a beautiful golf illustration without the frills.

Golf Course Clip Art


Golf Cartoon Clip Art


Golf Ball Border Clip Art


Golf Clip Art How-To’s

Since you’ve made it all the way here, I think it’s safe to say that you’ve already seen all that this collection of golf clip arts has to offer. But if you can, humor me for a bit longer because I’d like to tell you about what these golf illustrations can do for you.

  • All-Around Adornments

Prepping a display about different kinds of sports for health and fitness month (if that is a thing wherever you’re from)? Then you can download any or all of these golf clip arts, and use them on flyers and brochures aside from the display itself. Let your imagination and creativity maximize the use of these golf illustrations.

  • DIY Stationery

Express your love or appreciation for the sport on a printout of “Golf Ball Border Clip Art” and maybe even these Free Clip Art Borders as well! Pro tip: you can also use it as a template for a golf-themed party invite!

  • Instant Coloring Page

Tired of seeing an expanse of just green in golf courses? Well, with a printout of “Black and White Golf Clip Art” and some crayons, you can change things up!


So there you have it! You can now download these golf clip arts in peace.

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