Let me take a wild guess here. You’re a graphic designer or illustrator working on a logo, character, or interactive web design; illustrations for an author client; or some other important project, for which you need art inspiration on lions. If not that, then I take it you’re a teacher or student needing a couple or more lion images to complete a presentation or to fulfill certain decorative needs.

Whether you’re any of those or not, it doesn’t matter, really. With this collection of 9+ cute lion clip arts, you may just find what you are looking for! These Cartoon Clip Arts of lions are available in PNG, JPG, Vector WMF, Vector SVG, Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, etc. formats—perfect for those of you with various design needs. So stay awhile and see which ones are worth a download.

Lion Head Clip Art

Lion Head Clipart


Baby Lion Clip Art

Baby Lion Clipart


Lion Clip Art for Kids

Lion Clipart for Kids


Scared Cat Lion Clip Art

Scared Cat Lion Clipart


Lion Clip Art Free Vector

Lion Clipart Free Vector


Lion Clip Arts 5 Ways

You can tell that with this collection of lion clip arts, we have curated a wide range of designs. We have five different categories here, so you will find something that will be perfect for your intended purposes. (But if you the winged and fire-breathing variety, check out these Dragon Clip Art instead.)

  • Interesting Take

The quirkier, less conventional kinds in this collection are “Lion Head Clip Art” and “Lion Alphabet Clip Art”—the irregular, more geometric shapes in the former and the opting for the deep browns and the inclusion of the twelfth letter of the alphabet in the latter.

  • Cutesy Graphics

By the label you see above, you wouldn’t wonder why “Baby Lion Clip Art,” “Lion Clip Artfor Kids,” and “Cute Lion Clip Art” fall under this category.

  • Two Toned

“Scared Cat Lion Clip Art” is proof that you don’t need a lot of color (like the rainbow just puked) to produce a great-quality image.

  • Black and White Outline

The simple outline that is “Lion Black and White Clip Art” shows you that you still can fair well even with no infusion of color at all.

  • Disney-fied

Check out “Lion King Characters Clip Art” and “Editable Baby Lion Clip Art,” and you won’t need any more explanation.

Cute Lion Clip Art

Cute Lion Clip Art


Lion Black and White Clip Art

Lion Black and White Clipart


Lion Alphabet Clip Art

Lion Alphabet Clipart


Lion Clip Art How-To’s

With this collection of lion clip arts featuring an assortment of designs, it would be no wonder that you have already thought of all sorts of ways to use each lion illustration…if you have. (Thought anything of these Dinosaur Clip Arts as well?) But if you haven’t yet, here are some suggestions:

  • Lion Cutouts

Use any of these lion clip arts on your presentation (visual aid) as you discuss all about lions—their taxonomic classifications, life cycle, diet, etc. We suggest you go for a few insertions of “Baby Lion Clip Art” and not just some photographs of real ones found south of the Sahara. This way, it’s not just an enumeration of facts.

  • Instant Coloring Page

This part’s pretty simple. Download “Lion Black and White Clip Art,” print it onto your choice paper, and bring out your stash of coloring mediums.

  • DIY Sticker Set

This, on the other hand, requires practically the same procedure as that included in the previous bullet. Save for the part where you use sticker paper instead of regular old paper. For this little DIY session, you can use “Lion King Characters Clip Art” and “Editable Baby Lion Clip Art.”


So there you have it! Now you can download these lion clip arts in peace.

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