Are you working on an initial design proposal for a company logo for which you have to incorporate a mountain in the design? (The company or business could be anything from a mountain resort to a tourist trap.) Do you need some mountain images to get started on that set design? Well, strap on some safety gear ’cause we’re going on different heights with this collection of 9+ cool mountain clip arts!

These Free Clip Art Images of mountains and mountain ranges are available in GIF, JPG, Vector EPS, TIFF, and other formats; so of course, there’s gonna be something in here for you. Stay awhile to get to the top of this selection!

Mountain Climbing Clip Art

Mountain Climbing Clip Art


Mountain Silhouette Clip Art

Mountain Silhouette Clip Art


Cartoon Mountain Clip Art

Cartoon Mountain Clipart


Mountain Clip Arts 6 Ways

As you can see in this collection of mountain clip arts, the images here are not a bunch of mere laughable Cartoon Clip Arts. It offers a variety of mountain images—in terms of color selection, art or illustration style, size, format, etc.

  • Black and White

Evident in the name and the image itself, “Black and White Mountain Clip Art” comes in the sleek hues that practically make anything appear elegant in an understated manner.

  • Mountain Excursions

Those of you who like to live on the edge, especially via mountain climbing, you’ll definitely appreciate “Mountain Climbing Clip Art” (and perhaps make you reminisce on when you first conquered your first mountain peak).

  • Silhouettes

If you prefer that blacked-out form over form over the ones with details, then you might like “Mountain Silhouette Clip Art” and, with a slightly more colorful take, “Mountain Sunset Clip Art.”

  • Minimalist

Though “mini” in terms of color selection and incorporated details, “Free Mountain Clip Art” and “Cartoon Mountain Clipart” can’t be knocked for their quality.

  • A Range of Colors

Because a little bit more color couldn’t hurt, we’ve thrown “Mountain Landscape Clip Art” and “Nature Mountain Clip Art” into the mix.

  • Snowy Tops

You can see how an expert blending of white and ice blues create the illusion of snow in “Mountain Vector Clip Art” and “Winter Mountain Clip Art.”

Mountain Vector Clip Art

Mountain Vector Clipart


Winter Mountain Clip Art

Winter Mountain Clipart


A Range of Mountain Clip Art How-To’s

With the various designs offered to you in this collection of mountain clip arts, there’s no doubt that you can figure out several ways to make use of these mountain images. Throw in these Free Clip Art Borders, and you just might think of more. But just so you have an idea, here are some suggestions:

  • Logo Design Inspiration

Like I said in the intro, if you’re trying to conceptualize a company logo design that has to have a mountain in there somehow (perhaps it’s for a brand new ski resort or a mountain retreat or spa), it would be good to draw inspiration from somewhere. I suggest “Free Mountain Clip Art” or “Mountain Vector Clip Art.”

  • Ready-made Greeting Card Art

Tell your friends and family how much you wish they went with you on your little R&R in the alps with “Winter Mountain Clip Art.”

  • Art or Production Design Inspiration

If you’re that one person who’s always been one for technique and precision but are looking to change things up, be inspired by the quirky shapes and vibrant colors in “Mountain Landscape Clip Art.” Or if you’re trying to make a set design for a school production, go for “Mountain Sunset Clip Art.”


So now that you’ve gone through your options and read through our suggestions, you may take care of the downloading part. Go ahead!

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