It’s that time of the week again when you have freehand class and need to stretch your illustrator’s muscles with your latest peculiar plate assignment. So your professor tells you to hand in three different works featuring an owl. You can take the instructions however you want, and you have free creative reign. So now you’re faced with a challenge (after all, you don’t want to submit just a couple of Cute Drawings).

But maybe this collection of 10+ stunning owl drawings can guide you in this task. These owl drawings come in different designs; each picture is drawn from different perspectives by different artists; and they are available for JPG download.

Dual Owl Drawing


Colorful Owl Drawing


Owl Face Drawing


Black and White Owl Drawing

Owl Drawings from Different Bird’s-Eye Views

Though not offering anything else as regards subject matter like the broader, more diverse collection of Bird Drawings (I mean, duh, they’re owl drawings, just as the title says), these owl sketches are more than a handful of doodles and random scribbles. They also still offer quite a variety; they come in different styles and are illustrated using various mediums and techniques.

  • Realistic sketches

Creating realistic owl drawings—really, all realistic drawings in general—take a lot of work. You have to have the discipline and the patience to tend to perfect every detail so that your finished product comes out looking as good as the original. The perfect examples here are “Colorful Owl Drawing” and “Short Eared Owl Drawing.”

  • Simple owltline

(I bet you’re getting a kick out of that pun. Ha-ha!) One other direction you can take with your owl-inspired plate is a simple freehand outline. You can’t go wrong with clean lines. Just take a look at “Black and White Owl Drawing,” “Funny Owl Pencil Drawing,” and “Owl Outline Drawing.”

  • Free interpretation

Then you also have a few other notable ones here that feature quite unique depictions of the bird in question, as seen in “Owl Face Drawing” and “Watercolor Owl Drawing.”

Short Eared Owl Drawing


Watercolor Owl Drawing


Funny Owl Pencil Drawing

Owl Baby Drawing

How-To’s with These Owl Drawings

You may not agree with me when I say that these owl drawings are not your typical Pencil Drawings. (Granted, a few of them are created with watercolor while some are digitally produced.) But humor me for a bit, and let me tell you about the following:

  • Art inspiration

Whatever style has been working for you or you’re currently mastering, there’s no doubt that as you look at these owl sketches, you are in awe of the individual masterpieces. It’s good to take a step back, observe, and learn every once in a while. If you don’t particularly favor the dark, gloomy feel, you might be interested in experimenting with it as you study “Owl Face Drawing.”

  • Ready-made greeting card art

Some say puns are cheesy, but I say that cheese totally works! Give your significant other the “Dual Owl Drawing” with an inscription that says, “OWL always love you!” Or maybe hand out “Owl Baby Drawing” as party invitations to your little man’s christening, and don’t forget the “We hope you have a HOOT of a time!” on the cover.

  • Improvised coloring page

Keep your lil’ tykes busy with “Black and White Owl Drawing,” “Funny Owl Pencil Drawing,” and a box of crayons.


You definitely won’t regret downloading these owl drawings (as reference material or whatever else), so don’t forget to check them out!

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