Are you setting up a current project? Are you stressed from all the searching and haven’t found the right formats or even some good quality clip arts for your nautical related project? Then, worry no more! Today we are blasting you a bucketful of elegant shark clip arts, which you’ll love for sure! These clip arts are editable and printable and can be used for personal or commercial purpose.

Avail of these shark clip arts while you’re still at it as it is available in Free Vector EPS, JPG and PNG formats for compatibility in editing. Educators can take advantage of these too as it is with our Free Clip Arts for Teachers listing. So remind yourself not to exit without saving your pick.

Shark Black and White Clip Art

Shark Black and White Clipart


Shark Face Clip Art

Shark Face Clipart


Animated Shark Clip Art

Animated Shark Clipart


An Army Of Swimmers

  • Shark Bait

An outline of a shark can be as straight and direct as it can possibly be. Use our “Shark Black and White Clip Art” and you can even color or add texture in it if you want.

  • Friendly Swimmer

If you want a more friendly approach to a shark’s image, you can opt for “Cartoon Shark Clip Art”. I’m sure you’d agree with how cute this image is for a shark.

  • Funny Bruce

Did it ever cross your mind what a shark’s funny face would look like? Then, refer to the “Shark Face Clip Art” and it will surely bring you some laughter.

  • Shark Vector

If you’re looking for an easy format to suit any design you have in mind, then a vector format would do you some good, so opt for the “Shark Vector Clip Art” for that special need.

  • Simple as that

Do you want a simple looking shark clip art that looks as if it’s hand drawn? The “Animated Shark Clip Art” is the best option to go for if you want a childish vibe.

  • Cartoon Shark

If you want a more colorful approach, you can always go for the “Colorful Shark Clip Art”. It is made with the best quality and resolution which will surely add more pizzazz to your design. You can also check our Cartoon Clip Arts listing for more cartoon clip arts.

Colorful Shark Clip Art

Colorful Shark Clipart

Shark Silhouette Clip Art

Shark Silhouette Clip Art


Shark Bite Clip Art

Shark Bite Clipart


Shaded Shark Clip Art

Shaded Shark Clipart


Shark Mouth Clip Art

Shark Mouth Clipart


Flexibility is Key

Today’s form of marketing and promotion is more highly effective when it’s up on the inter-webs. However, the competition gets harder and success depends on who has the most visually effective concept.

  • Regular Users

You don’t have to be intimidated in using these files because you can always use it for whatever purpose you deem necessary.

  • Art Facilitators

If you happen to be handling a digital art class, you can show and share these clip arts to your students and make them brainstorm ideas on where they can incorporate these. They can also choose any of the designs to serve as an inspiration or reference for making their own version.

  • Personal Use

If you’re thinking of customizing an invitation card, you can always use any of these designs and add them up to your layout to make it more interesting and fun.


You can also explore our Dinosaur Clip Art listing for more interesting images you might want to use. 

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