We all know how in that one day a year—when the majority just can’t help but be overbearingly lovey dovey—people are basically throwing away wads of cash. Because God forbid your girlfriend’s feelings will get hurt if you don’t buy her that limited edition pair of Louboutins she’s been dogging you about.

So what do you do if you’re on an extremely tight budget (as in none) but you still want to mark the day somehow? Start getting colorful with these Valentine’s Day-themed Printable Adult Coloring Pages, of course! These JPG printables come in a variety of designs as well.

Valentine’s Day Roses Printable Coloring Page

Valentine's Day Roses Printable Coloring Page


Free Valentine’s Day Gift Coloring Page

Free Valentines Day Gift Coloring Page


Valentine’s Day Happy Heart Coloring Page

Valentines Day Happy Heart Coloring Page


Valentine’s Day Love Birds Coloring Page

Valentines Day love Birds Coloring Page


Make Valentine’s Day Colorful!

As you browse through our collection of lovely Valentine’s Day coloring pages, you can clearly see the variety of the designs.

  • Roses can be red, violet, or blue

On a regular day, full bouquets of a dozen long-stemmed roses already cost a fortune, so imagine how much worse it’ll be when the demand for them is absurdly great. What you can do instead is to get a bit more creative and cheeky with “Valentine’s Day Roses Printable Coloring Page” or any of these Flower Coloring Pages.

  • Coupling critters

What’s more adorable than a ridiculously good-looking famous couple in a #relationshipgoals type of video? Two critters getting together (primarily to breed but still). You can find a couple in either of the pages “Free Valentine’s Day Gift Coloring Page” and “Valentine’s Day Love Birds Coloring Page.”

  • Sweet sentiments

You can never go wrong if you keep things short and sweet as well. Opt for either “Valentine’s Day Coloring Page For Kids” or “Happy Valentine’s Day Coloring Page.”

  • The harbinger of mushy times

Of course, what’s Valentine’s Day without the winged toddler (basically the day’s mascot)? Download “Valentine’s Day Cupid Coloring Page” and/or “Valentine’s Day Cards Coloring Page” for your requisite Cupid.

Valentine’s Day Bingo Coloring Page

Valentines Day Bingo Coloring Page


Happy Valentine’s Day Coloring Page

Happy Valentines Day Coloring Page


Valentine’s Day Cards Coloring Page

Valentines Day Cards Coloring Page


Valentine Angels Coloring Page

Valentines Angels Coloring Page


Many Ways to Make the Day Colorful

Now just because these are marketed as Valentine’s Day–themed Free Printable Coloring Pages doesn’t mean we all ought to limit their use to that.

  • Valentine’s Day color-a-thon

Have a relatively lazy day in with your beloved. Get cozy on the couch with some snacks to munch on and, of course, these printable coloring pages to, well, color. Make it fun by holding some sort of competition. Suggestion: whoever picks the cheesiest design and does the better job of coloring will get bragging rights and the right to choose which movies to watch for the whole day. If you wanna throw in some moolah to up the stakes, that’s fine too.

  • Valentine’s Day bingo

Speaking of upping the stakes, to make things more interesting, you can play a round or two of Valentine’s Day bingo (I’m sure you can figure it out or make up the rules as you go along). Just print out “Valentine’s Day Bingo Coloring Page,” and you’re set!

  • Valentine’s Day “card”

Show your partner how much he or she means to you with a little something like the “Valentine’s Day Coloring Page For Kids” instead of just buying a ready-made card. Get pun-ny and say, “You drive me nuts, and that’s why I love you” with the “Free Valentine’s Day Gift Coloring Page.”


Now you can download.

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