Is your little boy frustrated by all those girly Barbie and Disney-princess coloring books that seem to always be lining the shelves of your local bookstore? Of course, those Coloring Pages for Adults are also way too abstract and feature too many flowers for boys to enjoy.

Well, if it’s coloring pages that you’re looking for, we just might have the solution for your predicament. Why don’t you take a look see at the collection of coloring pages for boys that we have gathered just for you? They guarantee hours of fun and, I shouldn’t fail to mention, they’re good for your kids’ development, as well.

Free Coloring Page for Boys


Printable Coloring Page for Boys


Cars Coloring Page for Boys


Disney Coloring Page for Boys


Sports Coloring Page for Boys


For All Your Kids’ Coloring Needs

Your boys will have a blast coloring these. It’s a bit of a change from all the usual subjects that are more popular in today’s market. (Let me point again at the Disney princesses and Barbie.)

  • Sports of All Sorts

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most boys (I say most because there will always be a few exceptions) love sports. If not love, then perhaps just mildly interested. Whether they prefer the adrenaline-pumping dynamics of soccer and basketball or the more laid-back activity of biking and golf, you will never go wrong with adding some sports-themed coloring pages to your personal collection.

  • Animation Nation

The most popular animations are usually catered to girls. However, there have been a few animated movies in more recent years that do away with the theatrical singing, dresses and true love’s kisses. Enter Cars, Zootopia, and the Lego Movie. Lucky for you, we’ve got coloring pages for these, too.

  • Holiday Fun Day

Easter and Valentine’s day may not exactly be targeted directly at boys. But have them color in these pages and turn them into greeting cards for all their friends and family.


For more options, please refer to our Free Printable Coloring Pages and Abstract Coloring Pages.

Easter Coloring Page for Boys


Lego Coloring Page for Boys


Valentine Coloring Page for Boys


Soccer Coloring Page for Boys


Goalkeeper Coloring Page for Boys


A Lot More Than Just Coloring Pages

Don’t be fooled by their simplicity, but our Coloring Pages for Kids can be a lot more versatile than they might let on. You can use them in a number of different ways.

  • Greeting Cards

As I mentioned a couple of sentences earlier, you can turn these coloring pages into personalized greeting cards right after your kid has finished coloring them in. It doesn’t even have to be for a specific holiday. He can give one of his favorites to his friend who may be having a birthday celebration.

  • Gift / Thank You Tags

Greeting cards are, of course, not the only thing that can be personalized. Your little boy can do the same with gift tags for that present he got for his friend. You can also teach your kid the value of gratitude by having them color their own thank you tags for when he has his own party.

  • Drawing Pattern

They can learn how to draw by chasing the outlines of these coloring pages.

  • Display

Coloring might not be the artistic achievement you had in mind, but it’s still an achievement nonetheless. Boost your little boy’s self-confidence by framing his favorite work/s or sticking them on the door of the fridge.

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