With the dull and mundane activities we all typically face day to day, it’s easy to find ourselves falling into and getting stuck in a creative rut. Sometimes it winds up being a significant stressor, weighing you down as you reluctantly trudge on. Of course, that is a terrible way to live.

But perhaps with this collection of 9+ beautiful teddy bear drawings, you can find that inspiration to soothe your weary mind and heart; and hopefully, you can climb over that pit. These teddy bear drawings come in JPG and PDF formats and in an assortment of art styles and subject matter! Browse through our selection now (or check out these Abstract Drawings).

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Flying Teddy Bear Drawing


Cute Teddy Bear Drawing


Love Sketch Teddy Bear Drawing


Teddy Bear Tattoo Drawing


Different Styles in Bear Drawings

Now I know what you’re thinking. Yes, it’s hard to take Realistic Drawings seriously when the chosen subject matter is as “childish” as a stuffed animal. But look at it this way: you’re looking for inspiration, and that’s something that often comes in a form you may not be all too comfortable with. So buck up and take this as a challenge! Scour through the bear drawings available for you here, and you may be surprised with what you’ll find.

  • Good old stuffed bear

Of course, you can’t discount the classic, standard teddy bear. Be taken with their button eyes and noses and faux fur, as seen in “Pencil Drawing of a Teddy Bear,” “Cute Teddy Bear Drawing,” “Girl with Teddy Bear Drawing,” and “Teddy Bear Chair Drawing.”

  • Themed or seasonal

“Flying Teddy Bear Drawing” looks quite festive with the balloons, which could make for great birthday card cover art. Although the color selection could be different, “Love Sketch Teddy Bear Drawing,” with all its drawn hearts, could be ideal for Valentine’s Day. And then there’s “Christmas Teddy Bear Drawing” (pretty self-explanatory).

  • Atypical illustrations

While “Teddy Bear Tattoo Drawing” looks nothing like what comes to mind when one thinks about stuffed animals in general, I have to admit that it has a certain charm.

Girl with Teddy Bear Drawing


Teddy Bear Holding a Love Heart Drawing


Christmas Teddy Bear Drawing


Teddy Bear Chair Drawing


How-To’s with Bear Drawings

I bet a lot of you haven’t even gotten to this section and have already dismissed these as merely a bunch of Pencil Drawings. However, you might think differently, especially after the following:

  • Art inspiration

Any self-respecting artist would know (and sincerely believe) that inspiration can be found just about anywhere. Simply go over this collection of bear drawings, and look at the many quirky and interesting art styles it features. Study these bear sketches, and think about what techniques could have been used. Perhaps through that process, you’ll find yourself feeling inspired and wanting to experiment with your own art style.

  • Toy design inspiration

Maybe you’re looking to give a stuffed bear to your son, daughter, brother, sister, nephew, niece, or cousin; and you don’t want just any old one you can grab off a rack or shelf and then pay for at the counter. You want a custom-designed stuffed bear that’s one of a kind and made of the best material. Perhaps “Teddy Bear Holding a Love Heart Drawing” is the unique little number you’re looking for.

  • Ready-made coloring page

Simply print out “Teddy Bear Cartoon Drawing,” “Girl with Teddy Bear Drawing,” and “Christmas Teddy Bear Drawing.” Then bring out a box of crayons, and you’re golden!


So remember to check out the links, yeah?

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