When the afternoon slowly turns to dusk, the sky preparing for the night, we see the colors change and the light getting marginally softer by the minute until the world is all but black. It is the time shortly after what photography and cinematography buffs call the golden hour or the magic hour. That is, of course, none other than the sunset.

Because it is such a magical period, despite its daily occurrence, sunsets have made their way into various forms of art—one of those being Pencil Drawings. And wouldn’t you know it, our collection here has 9+ beautiful sunset drawings! You can get your own and revel in it no matter what time of the day with these JPG downloads.

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Sunset Pencil Drawing


Sunset Black and White Drawing


Sunset Drawing for Kids

A Blend of Colors

More than just a handful of 3D Pencil Drawings, these beautiful sunset drawings are a reflection of individual artists’ perspectives, talents, and techniques. In this collection of sunset illustrations, you get to see how each artist sees the sunset that he sees and what he does to capture the beauty.

  • Good ol’ pencil

With sunsets, you would go straight to color, right? After all, the changing and the melding of different colors is the essence of the sunset. The only way to give it justice is to used vibrant, colored mediums . . . or so we think. But in “Sunset Black and White Drawing,” the artist has managed to capture the drama even with his chosen medium.

  • Of wax and oils

The artist of “Sunset Pencil Drawing” opted for crayons while that of “Sunset Scene Drawing” chose oil pastels. It’s easy to see the reason behind their choice, of course—color. However, the more popular is the latter as, of course, wax-based mediums don’t quite blend as well as oil-based ones.

  • Digital advantage

Not quite as easy as its label claims, “Easy Sunset Drawing” was produced via software and a Wacom tablet. Think of it as drawing with a computer as opposed to a pencil. And as you can see, the efforts paid off.

Pastel Sunset Drawing


Cool Sunset Drawing


Watercolor Sunset Drawing


Easy Sunset Drawing


What These Sunsets Are For

Much like sunsets themselves, these beautiful sunset drawings have a purpose. To clue you in on this, here are a few ways you can use these sunset images:

  • Art style inspiration

As with any worthwhile endeavor in life, there’s always room for improvement. When we’re stuck with the same thing, the same methods, it drains us creatively. But perhaps with these sunset images, you can take note of a few things that you haven’t really been into with your craft, say, mixing bold colors together, and maybe finally start incorporating them into your works.

  • Display photo replacement

Just imagine logging into your Facebook account, checking your timeline, and seeing “Easy Sunset Drawing” as your cover photo or powering up your PC and seeing it on the desktop.

  • Ready-made greeting card art

Picture “Sunset Scene Drawing” on some stiff white paper with some deep quote about sunsets scrawled onto it. Can you say, “Move over, Hallmark”? A card like this may just be the thing that a friend, feeling hopeless in her situation, needs.


So there you have it. Check out these beautiful sunset drawings, and download now! (Or you can check these Cute Drawings out too if you’re interested.)

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