(Set phasers to lovey-dovey mush. And as a fun little game for you and your significant other, keep count on the number of references in this article.)

“Boy meets girl, they like each other, then boy and girl date” is a tale as old as time. As biblical as Adam and Eve, in fact.

Though everyone has taken to more modern means of meeting new people, it’s all the same game: everybody’s looking for that something (it is quite evident in the number of Cute Drawings here). That something, of course, being a potential Mr. Darcy or Ms. Bennet.

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Anime Couple Drawing


Emoji Couple Drawing


Couple Holding Hands Drawing

Emotional Couple Drawing


All the Mush in the World

As an advocate of the “forever exists” ideology, let me be clear that I’m choosing to highlight the best parts, the cutesy feels experienced in the initial stages of a relationship.

  • Chance encounter. This being a favorite plot element in several books and movies, a chance encounter features two people meeting without thinking that instance will ever amount to anything more. Think of Joe Fox buying books from Kathleen Kelly at the Shop around the Corner, the latter’s bookstore.
  • What if? Sometimes chance encounters (some people call them meet-cutes) affects one or both parties so much that they start going into what ifs. What if she’s the one? I’m looking at you, Tom Hansen!
  • Getting to know each other. Then begins the wooing phase. Some opt to pass on love letters. Others prefer to serenade their loved one with a little “Grow Old with You.” The rest like to up the ante a bit with some Ballpoint Pen Drawings.
  • Bubbly. And as both parties get deeper into the armpit of “love”, or at least infatuation, they start to feel the tinglies. From their toes to their nose.

Cute Couple Drawing


Couple Pencil Drawing


Cartoon Couple Drawing


Love Couple Drawing


Thou Shalt Not Cease Thy Wooing

Now some of you couples out there may already be well into your second or fifth or twentieth year together. Something important for you to know is that the wooing shouldn’t stop. The longer you are together, the more effort should be put in. And since apparently poetry is only the food of “a fine, stout love” (thanks a lot, Elizabeth!) and it may not even be for you, you can do any of the following instead:

  • Take wacky pictures together. Do some cutesy poses like those in “Anime Couple Drawing.”
  • Stroll down a nearby park or down your block holding hands, of course, like those lovebirds you see in “Couple Holding Hands Drawing.”
  • Set some time aside in your daily schedule for both of you to just sit back, talk about anything and everything, maybe have a nice hot cup of tea, and just look into each other’s eyes like the lovers in “Romantic Couple Drawing”, because why not?
  • Leave little notes of love for the other in different places, like, on the refrigerator door or on his/her laptop. You can add more pizzazz to that by including these free romantic Cartoon Drawings as well!

(Oh, and if you’re wondering how many references there are…I’ll let you two figure it out for yourselves! Ha-ha!)

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