If you’re one of those lucky few who’ve found their companion in the ultimate endeavor of pure bliss and sheer idiocy (that’s my obnoxious way of saying love), then you know that down the road, it gets a little . . . challenging to look for more creative, less conventional ways to say, “I love you.” And there are other times when words won’t even suffice.

But you don’t have to worry about that for much longer. With these Couple Drawings, you can show your partner how much they mean to you instead. This collection of cute love drawings for inspiration offers quite an array of designs and is available for download in a JPG format. Check them out for yourself!

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Cute Love Couple Drawing


Cute Love Cartoon Drawing


Cute Love Heart Drawing

Cute Love Horse Drawing


Take Your Pick

More than just a handful of Cute Drawings—and of unbelievable quality, at that—these cute love drawings are definitely something you would want to share with your partner. You have a considerable range of options here, and you can surely opt for any and be proud of that choice.

  • Simple yet bold

“Easy Cute Love Drawing” shows you that you don’t have to have Da Vinci’s ability to produce a good sketch. You can even use this as a guide and mimic the art style instead. Note how the artist made incredible use of basic shapes to illustrate the body parts that are really difficult to draw (e.g., circles for closed fists).

  • Textured

“Cute Love Horse Drawing” is a testimony to the fact that love is a universal language—ergo, not exclusive to humans. If the adorable gesture and expressions displayed by these two beautiful steeds are not what draw a reaction from your significant other, perhaps it’s the mesmerizing technique applied by the artist. Notice how the horses seem to be drawn on crumpled paper?

  • Anime-tion

Even if you’re not a die-hard fan of anime, I bet you can appreciate the art style in “Cute Love Cartoon Drawing,” “Cute Anime Love Drawing,” and “Cute Cartoon Love Drawing.”

Cute Love  Drawing With Quotes


Cute Disney Love Drawing


Cute Anime Love Drawing


Easy Cute Love Drawing


Cute Cartoon Love Drawing


Year-Round Mushfest

At this juncture, you’ve probably already thought of several ways to use these cute love drawings. However, if you haven’t thought of any yet, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Valentine’s Day card replacement

When you happen to walk past a greeting card aisle, you probably notice how the designs range from cheesy to “Open a window. I’m about to gag!” But with these simple, understated sketches, you get the sentiment without the sap.

  • Cute little love notes and mementos

Why wait for an occasion or some relationship milestone to give your partner sweet little nothings and show them how much they mean to you? You can download, print out “Cute Disney Love Drawing,” and the slip it into your significant other’s purse or tape it onto his or her bedroom wall. (You may want to cover up the little text and replace it with something a little more hopeful, though.)

  • All-around décor

A cute little sketch like the “Cute Love Heart Drawing” will certainly look welcome on your Love’s dream board, in a frame and atop her dresser, or in a scrapbook full of pictures of you two together.


Now that the spiel’s over with, you can click on the links and download in peace. Or you can check out these Rose Drawings as well.

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