Clip arts are creative images that resemble things in the actual world. They are small, digital and cartoony, and can either be in 2D or 3D. They add quirk or whimsy in every digital output for any purpose you desire. This time we’ll be featuring palm trees. So, if you happen to be looking for good quality palm tree silhouette images or clip arts, then this listing will serve you well. You can kick start with a free trial on our Free Silhouette Designs listing as well.

Don’t just view these offers, you can always download your pick and save it in your folder. These are in JPG, Vector EPS and AI Illustrator which makes it easy to download and or edit with any software you may be using.

Palm Tree Silhouette Sunset

Palm Tree Silhouette Sunset

Palm Tree Silhouette Clipart

Palm Tree Silhouette Clipart

Cartoon Palm Tree Silhouette

Cartoon Palm Tree Silhouette

Free Vector Palm Tree Silhouette

Free Vector Palm Tree Silhouette


Tropical Feels

How do you feel when you see a palm tree ? Do you think of the beach or tropical places you want to go to for a vacation? It’s amazing how a single image like a Silhouettes Vector can give so much feeling and trigger the imagination. These are popular go-to images for any summer or tropical themed project or personal design.

  • Sunset

Don’t you just love the horizon’s scenery during sunset? If this is the theme or feel you are looking for, then the “Palm Tree Silhouette Sunset” will do perfectly well.

  • Top it Off

Are you designing summer ad campaign poster or graphic content for a website? Then use our “Palm Tree Silhouette Clip Art” to add to the plain design.

  • Tropical Party

Our “Cartoon Palm Tree Silhouette” is the perfect clip art to incorporate in your beach themed party celebration.

  • Dark Beauty

Black silhouette like our “Black & White Palm Tree Silhouette” is both mysterious and classic, it is perfect for any suitable surface you wish to use it in.

Simple Palm Tree Silhouette

Simple Palm Tree Silhouette

Palm Tree Silhouette Sketch

Palm Tree Silhouette Painting

Tropical Palm Tree Silhouette

Abstract Palm Tree Silhouette

Palm Tree Silhouette Free Download

Palm Tree Silhouette Free Download


Quality and Versatility

  • Web Design

Web designers make it a point to come up with effective visuals in such a way that it would keep the attention of the viewers. Textures and patterns may seem enough, but it won’t hurt to put entertaining add-ons like clip arts.

  • Invitation or Greeting Card

Stay updated and keep those traditional gestures relevant. As lovely as they already are, it pays to get your game up with your invitation or greeting cards especially when the recipient is a millennial.

  • Patch Trend

The patch trend has been circulating in the market lately and some fashionistas like to get on board with this for its charming and whimsical touch to surfaces like denim or varsity jacket, shirts, girlfriend jeans, caps and bags, and the character that are popularly chosen for this trend are those based on digital clip arts and emojis. If you’re a fan of this trend, then what’s featured on this list will definitely serve you well.


These are some of the possible uses for our clip arts, if you have any other ideas, follow thy will. Be creative and resourceful. Of course, for that to be possible you have to download the file first and you can build up whatever idea you have in mind. In addition, if you want to see animal silhouettes, then do see our Animal Silhouettes listing too!

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