Do you badly need to brush up on your sketching skills? Do you also need some inspiration to get out of your creative funk? Do you want a change of pace from the techniques, approaches, and methods that you’re used to?

Maybe you can find the answer to those questions in this collection of 10+ beautiful mountain drawings. These mountain sketches offer a wide range of designs and feature a couple of notable art styles, so yes, it’s not just a bunch of Pencil Drawings. They are also available for JPG download. So stick around and keep on browsing to get to greater artistic heights!

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Mountain Pencil Drawing


Watercolor Mountain Drawing


Mountain Peak Drawing

A Different Range of Mountain Drawings

More than just a handful of mountain drawings, Tree Drawings, and Cartoon Drawings, this collection of mountain sketches offers a variety of designs and art styles for you to choose from.

  • Outlines Bold and Fine

Outlines are the go-to for sketching, and it makes sense as, of course, you always start with an outline before building it up to a full-blown realistic sketch or filling it in with color using whatever medium you see fit. But for some people, a clean outline works just as well, if not better than other works of art. You can go bold as in “Mountain Outline Drawing” and “Mountain Vector Drawing,” or you can go fine as in “Mountain Peak Drawing” and “Mountain Pen Drawing.”

  • Realistic Sketches

Then you have the gems that not many are comfortable with or can even attempt to master. The realistic mountain drawings in this collection are “Mountain Landscape Drawing” and “Mountain and Trees Drawing.”

  • A Range of Color

What’s a good landscape without, of course, some color? When you incorporate color, you get to experiment with a bunch of stuff, like the kind of medium you want to use. In “Watercolor Mountain Drawing,” the artist (obviously) used watercolor while in “Colorful Mountain Drawing,” the artist opted for crayons.

Mountain Line Drawing


Mountain Vector Drawing

Mountain Pen Drawing


How-To’s with These Mountain Drawings

While some of these you may find as nothing more than a few Cute Drawings, you can’t deny that there are quite a few impressive ones in this collection of mountain drawings. And before you dismiss them all at once, you might wanna read on as to how you can use these mountain sketches.

  • Art or Design Inspiration

If you’re thinking about making your foray into realism, “Mountain Pencil Drawing” might help you out there. You don’t have to hit a perfect mark the first try; you can just start with simple strokes to mimic the curves and the shading as in the said mountain sketch. You can also use “Mountain Vector Drawing” as inspiration for a company logo for, say, a tour company or a mountain resort.

  • Ready-Made Cover Art

“Mountain Landscape Drawing” is as good as greeting card-able, don’t you think? The same goes for “Mountain Line Drawing” although it could do without the crisscrosses and maybe some color.

  • Display Photo

If you want something to jazz up your mantelpiece, working table, computer desktop, or Facebook profile, opt for “Mountain and Trees Drawing.” It says, “Yeah, I’m totes into art and nature. I’m so cultured.”


Whichever direction you’ll take with this collection of mountain drawings, just know that you won’t regret downloading any of them!

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