Textures are one of the key lifelines of a design. Ask any web or graphic designer, he’d always tell you that textures, just like patterns, are hugely valuable assets for a designer. That textures are available in numerous different kinds is a world-known fact now. The search for textures is an endless endeavor, and most often very fruitful. Different designs beg for different textures. Taking that into account we have put together some very amazing slate roof textures which can infuse depth and versatility in your works. Scroll down and take a good look at the specimens we have collected! You may also see Metal Wall Textures 

Roofing Slate Texture

roofing slate texture

If you’re looking to infuse grunge element in your design through textures, this roofing slate texture fulfills the need perfectly. Be it a digital design or hard-copy design, this texture will prove its effectiveness in both.

Abstract Roofing Slate Close Up Texture

Abstract Roofing slate - closeup texture

This is an up-close view of slate roof texture. It has got an old, abstract grey surface design which appears to have gotten corrugated due to the weather and other natural wear and tear.

Slate Rooftile Texture

Slate Rooftile Texture

This texture features an uncolored gray brick wall texture. You can work with this image in Photoshop and develop it further using desired special effects and brushes to get it up to the standard required for your project work.

Seamless Roof Tiles Slate Texture

Seamless Rooftiles Slate Texture

If you want to infuse medieval dirty textures in your design, then this set of two slate roof tile textures is very apt. Both textures are available in various sizes – small going up till XXL.

Slate Tile Roof Texture

slate tile roof Texture

For all of you that want to develop a wallpaper design featuring red background, then check out this sample. There is a texture created from red slate tile roof. The reddish color gives it a unique look.

Seamless Slate Roof Texture

seamless Slate Roof Texture

If you want a seamless slate roof texture, then run your eyes on this sample. It’s a very simple yet high quality image of slate roof tiles in seamless avatar, in reddish brown color.

Slate Roof Tiles Texture

Slate roof tiles Texture

This is another great example which you can work with in Photoshop or any any other photo editing application of your choice. You could consider this texture to make a background design for your computer or mobile device, or even use it as backdrop on a website.

Close Up of Slate Roof Texture

Close up of slate roof Texture

At first glance, this may seem to be a close-up view of a rubbery tire, but it is in fact a close-up view of a slate roof. Ideally this would make for a wonderful background design for websites, blogs etc.

The Old Slate Roof Texture

The old slate roof Texture

This is a texture of an old roof atop a old house. The texture is formed due to the overlapping rows design on the roof. The appearance is rough, rugged and weathered. If those are also the keywords of the texture you need, this specimen is a good contender.

Decorative Metal Slate Tile On a Roof

Decorative metal Slate tile on a roof

Polished, proper and slightly decorative – these four adjectives very well describe the texture seen in this image. What you’re seeing in this image is a metal tile roof. You can use this as background for websites, posters, banners etc.

Grey Slate Roof Texture

Grey Slate Roof Texture

Awesome Slate Roof Texture

Awesome Slate roof texture

Whoever said roofs of houses don’t have anything in them possibly never looked at them closely. Textures exist everywhere, slate roofs are no exception. If you’re someone who is fascinated by roof textures, surely our compilation of textures in this post must have made your day. Go ahead and download your favorites now! You may also see Floor Tile Textures

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