You gotta hand it to the underrated brilliance that is a silhouette. Playing off of negative space and positive space and using a color selection for the foreground what would typically be used for the background are both nothing short of genius! It’s not easy to have to rely on the contours and edges of a particular subject matter to produce something that can’t be mistaken for another thing entirely.

Witness this mind-boggling product of art in this collection of the 9+ best people silhouettes. These Free Silhouette Designs come in Vector EPS and AI Illustrator formats—perfect for those with graphic design needs!

People Walking Silhouette


People Crowd Silhouette


Business People Silhouette


People Family Silhouette


Different Kinds of People Silhouettes

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that with a bunch of different Silhouettes Vectors, there won’t be much actual difference among these people silhouettes for you to even consider giving this collection a second look. But give it a few more up and down scrolls, and you may be pleasantly surprised!

  • Still in Motion

Sometimes, with the way certain people silhouettes are created, you’d be thinking, Is this meant to be pose-y or as if the people are “caught” mid-jump or something? Well, with the stellar quality of “People Walking Silhouette,” “Sitting Women Silhouette,” “People Vector Silhouette,” and “People Dancing Silhouette,” do you really need an answer to that?

  • Crowd Silhouette

As if a silhouette of one person isn’t tricky enough, take one of a crowd of people! I mean, you’d have to worry about it ending up like congealed shadows. But it isn’t really a concern, after all, once you check out “People Crowd Silhouette.”

  • Business as Usual

In “Business People Silhouette,” the artist added some creative bits to take the silhouettes to a more corporate level.

  • A Slice of Life

With “People Family Silhouette,” you get silhouettes of the everyday family life.

  • Color People

Who says you have to stick to black no matter what? “People Drinking Silhouette” and “Young People Silhouettes” show you otherwise.


(I’m not even gonna talk about the non-silhouette that is “People Cartoon Silhouette.”)

People Drinking Silhouette


People Vector Silhouette


People Cartoon Silhouette


People Dancing Silhouette


Young People Silhouettes


The Deal with People Silhouettes

Given the undeniable variety of designs that you see in this collection of people silhouettes (and in these Woman Silhouettes as well, of course), it wouldn’t surprise me if you’ve already come up with a whole bunch of creative ways to use each one. But if you haven’t yet, that’s okay. We got you covered!

  • People Silhouette Vectors

As busy and swamped with work as you graphic designers and artists can get at a time (or on the daily even), you can’t afford to lose, say, thirty minutes working some vectors when you could be working on something else. With this collection of people silhouettes, you can increase productivity by saving up on time and energy and saving yourself from the migraines and inner turmoil.

  • People Silhouette Cutouts

There’s no shame in wanting a more personal, handmade touch on your crafts projects and bulletin displays. You absolutely can download any of these people silhouettes, download them, and cut away!

  • Guide for Animators

Especially for those who are starting out with animation, it would be handy to have a guide nearby. With “People Walking Silhouette,” you can have a quick check to verify the profile form of a woman in motion or stationary.


Now that we’ve covered all our bases, check out the links of these people silhouettes, and download to your heart’s content!

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