I’m sure it’s not just me who feels this way. I’m certain that a lot of you also feel like the whole bare-bones, clean, all-business, no-nonsense look just kind of sucks the life out of you because of its utter drabness. Be it a presentation or a paper for school, a personal blog, or a communal space—the whole wash of nothing but the functional just isn’t the prettiest sight. But perhaps with this collection of 9+ cool spider clip arts, you can address this issue.

These Free Clip Art Images of spiders are available in PNG, JPG, TIFF, AI Illustrator, etc. formats—a perfect selection for your perusal. So what are you waiting for? Get to perusing!

Free Spider Clip Art

Free Spider Clipart


Cartoon Spider Clip Art

Cartoon Spider Clipart


Black Spider Clip Art

Black Spider Clipart


Different Kinds of Spider Clip Arts

Clearly, in this collection of spider clip arts, there is quite an assortment in the spider images that we have curated just for you. The designs are so different from each other that we’ve summed them up to five different categories!

  • Layered, No Outline

As you can see in “Free Spider Clip Art” and “Transparent Spider Clip Art,” they appear to be various solid illustrations of the appendages and circles (for the head/body and eyes) coming together, layered on top of each other, to produce adorable spider images.

  • Cute Cartoons

For this part, think of the previous category but with the outlines as cartoons typically have. Check out the following to see what I’m talking about: “Cartoon Spider Clip Art,” “Animated Spider Clip Art,” “Happy Spider Clip Art,” and “Spider Web Clip Art.”

  • Outrageous Outline

Now, think of the previous category (yes, Cute Cartoons) but sans the color. See “Spider Outline Clip Art” for reference.

  • Spidery Silhouette

With the likes of “Black Spider Clip Art” and “Spider Silhouette Clip Art,” you get the blacked-out forms. None of the detail but all of the mystery.

  • Bugged-out Border

In “Spider Border Clip Art,” it’s almost as if a whole colony of the crawly in question is walking (crawling?) the perimeter of your page. (Check out Free Clip Art Borders to see if there are any similar ones.)

Spider Outline Clip Art

Spider Outline Clip Art


Spider Web Clip Art

Spider Web Clipart


Spider Border Clip Art

Spider Border Clip Art


Spider Silhouette Clip Art

Spider Silhouette Clip Art


Spider Clip Art How-To’s

Now that you’ve seen that this collection of spider clip arts offers you more than a handful of Cartoon Clip Arts, let’s get to the application part. Don’t think for a second that these spider illustrations are good for nothing. Read the list below to quash that misconception.

  • All-around Adornments

Okay, so you may have gathered that these spider clip arts can be used to liven up certain spaces. Yes, that is definitely true. Picture “Happy Spider Clip Art” as part of a cheerful-looking exhibit on this kind of arachnid or just a random little something on your journal because…why not?

  • Design Inspiration

Perhaps you’re looking for inspiration as you’re in the middle of conceptualizing a design for your latest insect-themed line of jewelry. “Black Spider Clip Art” could help you in your ring and/or brooch designs.

  • Instant Coloring Page

Not much to say here except download “Spider Outline Clip Art,” print it out, and then have your way with it with a whole spectrum of colors.

  • Ready-to-go Stationery Set

No one can have too much fancy craft paper. Produce a quirky one of your own with “Spider Border Clip Art” and your home printer.


So there you have it! Now you can go ahead and download in peace.

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