Are you spearheading a center for people with disabilities and need an activity that would cater to their special needs? Will your upcoming weekend be a specially unique one that involves wine, coloring books, and socializing? Has stress made you a scatterbrain and you need a no-fuss activity that trains your focus? Does your family be of Chinese ancestry with a keen interest of mythical beasts such as dragons?

Scan through these stunning coloring pages of dragons. They are all downloadable, customizable and available in a variety of formats.

If by chance you want to kick it off first with a free package or trial, you can check our Free Printable Coloring Pages.

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Free Dragon Coloring Page


Printable Dragon Coloring Page




Realistic Dragon Coloring Page


Dragon Mandala Coloring Page


Baby Dragon Coloring Page


When Coloring Is Your Battlefield

  • Benevolent Creature

Wingless and a little worm-like, this was how the Chinese imagined the dragon to be. For them, the image that you are to color for the “Free Dragon Coloring Page” has a mythic storyline that is centered on mankind being provided protection by the dragon.

  • The Compulsive Wealth Seeker

Most (western) dragons have been portrayed, especially in pop-culture, as greedy gold-hoarders. Some of the bat-like creatures even lust for precious gems. This “Realistic Dragon Coloring Page” showcasing a four-legged horned monster with a prehensile tail is an intermediate colorist’s dream due to its intricate design.

  • The Embodiment of Evil

Our idea of dragons has been predisposte to always think of them as threats towards humans as countlessly mentioned in folklore. Their malicious deeds are not limited to stockpiling gold but also having beautiful maidens as prisoners. Try giving the “Flying Dragon Coloring Page” a malicious tinge when you color it.


If by chance you want to explore other coloring pages on this site, we have Printable Adult Coloring Pages.  For those who want a more metaphysical collection, we also have Abstract Coloring Pages.

Dragon Coloring Page for Adults


Cartoon Dragon Coloring Page


Flying Dragon Coloring Page


Dragon Head Coloring Page


Who Will Benefit From These Coloring Pages

Dragons as the tales have told fly majestically in the sky and are able to land without a sound on the ground. All you need is to download these images and add color using any of the following colored pencils, marker pens, and crayons. Who can really benefit from these easy downloads?

  • Those who are plagued by stress and anxiety

When you are engaged in coloring as an off-time activity, you can be drawn to a state of semi-meditation. This makes it perfect for your brain to get that much needed R&R.

  • Those who love mythology

Who doesn’t love a good mythological story? Myths are bound in magic and tales of fantastical creatures and heroes that take us away from the mundane stof life. Let these dragons take you on a journey into coloring, legends and ancient lore.

  • Those who want to make crafty art

With DIY everywhere, why don’t you use the finished filled up colored pages as a wall decor or maybe even a decoupage?

If you have already finished your purchase here and you’re searching for coloring pages that depict an individual who has gone beyond the abilities of a “normal” being, then you can also check out our Spiderman Coloring Pages listing.

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