Being an artist, you’re no stranger to those times when you find yourself in a creative rut. Sometimes it’s nowhere near easy to get out of, and other times, you may not even know how to get past it. It’s been accepted that the perfect antidote to such an artistic slump is inspiration; and like every artist knows, inspiration can be found everywhere.

Perhaps you can find such inspiration here, in this wonderful collection of cool drawing ideas. Pore over the selection of Pencil Drawings and so much more here, and see how they cover a wide range of art styles and subject matter. They come in JPG and PDF formats, perfect for download!

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3D Drawing Illusion


Cool Pencil Drawing


Beautiful Flower Drawing


Elegant Eye Characoal Drawing


Cute Girl Drawing


Cool Tribal Drawing


Different Styles and Mediums, Same Cool Drawings

Unlike these Funny Drawings, there’s definitely nothing to laugh at with these cool drawing ideas. Each of them showcase different interests, different approaches and techniques, different styles, different perspectives from different people.

  • Realistic

Often, realism intimidates people because, well, it is extremely difficult to have that discipline in order to get every little detail precise and exactly the same as the original or the subject matter’s real-life counterpart. However, when you do get everything—shape, texture, space, form, balance, and all other elements of design—to a tee, you will be proud of the work you put into the finished product. And boy did “3D Drawing Illusion,” “Elegant Eye Characoal Drawing,” “Cute Girl Drawing,” and “Animal Cool Drawing,” get things right!

  • Patterned and abstract

Then there are those sketches that feature different figures and shapes being incorporated to produce a cohesive artistic mishmash. There really is some merit and a certain beauty with the likes of “Cool Tribal Drawing” and “Love Heart Drawing.”

  • Caricature

Who could forget those who get a kick out of drawings that bring out the giggles (or at least those with an art style inspired from drawings that bring out the giggles)? The likes of “Stunning Dragon Drawing” and “Cool Cartoon Drawing” are so different that they deserve some recognition.

Drawing of Skull


Cool Cartoon Drawing

Love Heart Drawing


How-To’s with These Cool Drawing Ideas

While some of these you may find simply as Cute Drawings, you can’t deny that there are a few pretty impressive ones as well. But don’t dismiss them all at once ’cause you might miss out! You can, of course, use this collection of cool drawing ideas for the following:

  • Art inspiration

Like I said earlier, an artist (actually, anyone, for that matter) can find inspiration anywhere. Sometimes, you simply need to look a things from a different lens, a different perspective. And what better way to do that than to observe and study someone else’s work. Given that these cool drawings are available for JPG download, you can go right ahead and download any or all of these sketch ideas and use them as reference material.

  • Ready-made coloring page

With the bold, defined outlines in “Cool Tribal Drawing,” “Cool Cartoon Drawing,” and “Love Heart Drawing,” all you need are a few printouts of them and a box of Crayolas. Then you can get right on to coloring!

  • Display pic

I can easily see “Cool Pencil Drawing” being featured as a cover photo or a featured image on a blog.


Whatever you decide, the final say is ultimately yours. But for sure, you won’t regret checking out the links!

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