Do you feel like you’re in a creative rut and you have no idea how to get yourself out of it? Do you suddenly have the urge to grab your materials and start working on a new painting, sketch, poem, manuscript, song, Mandala Designs, and/or some other masterpiece, but have absolutely no idea where or how to start?

Perhaps with our collection of beautiful art designs, you can free yourself from the artistic slump you’ve been in for who knows how long. We offer you a wide range of designs using an assortment of mediums and art styles, in various formatsJPG, PSD, AI Illustrator.

Cool Art Design

Cool Art Design


Doodle Art Design

Doodle Art Design

Art, Glorious Art!

Art has been around for centuries (perhaps as long as man has existed even). For some people, it’s been a means to express themselves—their ideals, beliefs, emotions. For others, it’s been an avenue for them to create something beautiful for the sake of it. For the rest, it’s been a way to launch a movement. But always, always have artists and creators produced something from inspiration.

Inspiration is everywhere. So for whatever reason that you’re getting (back) into the craft, we believe that you could find some of that inspiration in any of these beautiful art designs.

  • Painting

Look at how cool doggo is in “Cool Art Design.” This one is proof that warm and cool tones do look incredible together!

  • Embroidery

If you’ve lived long enough to see the Backstreet Boys in their prime, you’ve probably seen a couple or more framed embroidery pieces like the “Vintage Floral Art Design” in your childhood home. Those, by the way, go to show that cloth and thread aren’t just for sewing on patches! Oh, by the way, on a sidenote, embroidered pieces are just too pretty to ignore, so think about this: embroidered Bachelorette Party Invitation Designs. Cool, huh?

  • Specials

Glass masterpieces like “Decorative Art Design”? Yes please! Also, check out the clever collaboration between watercolor and calligraphy in “Simple Art Design.”

Tattoo Art Design

Art Tattoo Design


Decorative Art Design

Decorative Art Design

Art Is Everywhere

As you probably already guessed, these beautiful art designs aren’t just a number of one-trick ponies. You could do so much with these. Below are just a few suggestions:

  • Art inspiration

Like I mentioned before, if you’re looking for inspiration to get those creative juices flowing again, just pore through this collection to get things started. Maybe even something as busy and cartoony like the “Doodle Art Design” could get you inspired to create a series of cartoons or comic strips.

  • Wall art

Your living room looking a tad bare? Liven it up a bit with a little framed number (or more) like the “Simple Art Design.” You could go with the watercolor + calligraphy theme, and make it a series of inspirational quotes to spread the positivity around one frame at a time.

  • All-around décor

Whether it’s a centerpiece, a tapestry, a custom backdrop of sorts for your blog, a desktop wallpaper replacement, you could totally have all that in these beautiful art designs. Just pick, download, edit (well, if you want to), and you’re done!


Now that you have your options and read through our suggestions, you can go ahead and download in peace.

(Oh, here are some Party Invitation Designs, by the way, for more inspiration!)

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