What sets an artist in motion for creation? Is there an unseen force behind the sudden zeal of filling a blank canvas? Some artists find that drive when they perpetually spend time with their own thoughts. Others find the much-needed urge when they are surrounded by their peers.

If by chance you are a person inclined to the creative arts then we hope that these drawings here will fan those embers in order to produce slowly a passionate fire in you.

All the drawings are in shades of black and white and all are easily downloadable and editable. Scroll down and have your pick and see what idea can trigger your art.

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Pretty Flower Drawing


Pretty Heart Drawing


Pretty Tree Drawing


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  • Bent out of shape, yet still a delicate sight to behold, this Pretty Flower Drawing is a far cry from the usual representation of a flower as it has a tube-like pitcher on the center. If you want an out of the box inspiration to get those creative juices flowing, download this image.
  • This ubiquitous gesture of holding hands to form a heart in the air has been made infamous as they have been adopted by Taylor Swift to K-Pop stars. Check out the Pretty Heart Drawing.
  • A gentle image of a lonesome bird perched high atop a leafless branch. This freehand pretty drawing of a bird eliminates the audience from thinking of colors, thus immediately sending the image of the subject to its target viewer.
  • This pretty easy drawing of a cute puppy can easily be copied by first-time artists. All they have to consider is how to outline the head, mouth, and ears. They just need to sketch a round shape, a heart-shaped nose and a half-open circle for the muzzle
  • Hand-drawn images from Japan have a distinct characteristic. They are called “anime.” This pretty mermaid drawing is no Princess Ariel, mind you! Look at how her features are drawn. Drawings which adopt this style usually incorporate a big head and eyes. Despite the unrealistic body proportions, ”anime” drawings are cute.

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Pretty Butterfly Drawing


Pretty Drawing Of a Girl


Pretty Skull Drawing


  • In the Pretty Tree Drawing instead of shooting up in the air, the branches of this tree are low-lying. Thus, separating the ground below from the rays of the sun. The massive trunk is split into two branches. This piece could work well on your wall.
  • They say that there is some meaning when a butterfly lands on you. Some cultures believe that it could mean a metamorphosis of sorts for an individual. How about this Pretty Butterfly Drawing? Could the artist possibly be conveying a spiritual transformation? You can easily acquire this drawing by clicking on the download option.

How To Use These Drawings

The first action to consider after being transfixed to these works of art is to:

  • Download these drawings
  • Make a decision on what you will do after you have the download option
  • Make it as a design for an upcoming project
  • If you are a tattoo artist then incorporate them in your portfolio
  • Have these images as a reference point for your next creation

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