Distributing discounts is an effective technique be it in increasing sales as well as traffic to a physical or digital store even both. One way to inform customers and potential prospects to a discount or reduction price is through promotional materials. The latter should best demonstrate the product and services as well as use effective visual communication greatly contributes to the quick imprint of the information being presented. Design elements such as discount and percentage icons that offers a universal understanding convey the brand’s message effectively.

To help you in prepping for your next business strategy, we have gathered a collection of discount and percentage icons. Which will be of great use for sales, promotions as well as for design elements for advertising collaterals. All of which feature a variety of design styles and treatment. For a more extensive discount design selection, you may go through our list of discount tags to add more options for your advertising collaterals.

A Lineup of Discount Icons

Discounts do more good than to harm small business since it is an occasional tactic in boosting one’s business sales. As well as customers are drawn towards products that cost less than the opposite product despite it being similar in terms of their features etc.

With that said, promotions are best advertised via online media vehicles as well as traditional media vehicles be it flyers, newsletters, and emailers. This way ensures effective reach and frequency towards the target market.

Let us not forget that despite the products are reduced to its original price, the product being presented should appear enticing for the target market’s purchase decision. Aside from the product, the other design elements should also deliver the brand’s message and sell the product. Down below, we have collected an assortment of discount and percentage icons to help you get by with your search and to hasten your designing process.

Discount & Percentage Icon

Discount Percentage Icon

Discount Label with Percentage Sign

Discount Label with Percentage Sign

 Discount Badge Icon

DIscount Badge Icon

What more can we do with these icons?

Discount and percentage icons are commonly used for advertising collaterals and promotional materials such as flyers. But the beauty of these icons is their versatility in terms of design application.  What more can you do with these discount icons beside its usual utilization? Let us break down each one to help you get by with a little help.

You may also skim through our heap of discount labels for an extensive selection. You may freely utilize such examples for design projects and for future design resources. We promise you all of the examples are provided in a downloadable format.


Electronic Email or emailers as it is called is used to send advertisements, sales, new arrivals, request business, donations and so on. Like all philosophy of design, it should find solutions to ensure that the brand’s message is clearly conveyed and the design should be attention-grabbing.

Also, keep in mind that a prospect’s inbox might be filled with a bunch of emails. So, your emailer design should be direct and is strongly encouraged to use graphics for quick imprint and blocks of text might hinder a viewer’s interest and attention to skim through the emailer.

In our heap of discount and percentage icons, the Discount Label with Percentage Sign possesses a universal message with its design. You may freely use this specific discount icon for emailers for its outlined and minimal design and the monochromatic colors used can be paired with a variety of color and concepts for design.

Application of different design styles.

For example, the Stamp Style Discount and Commercial Badges and Icons features a unique take on discount graphics with fine outlines as well as using emblems for its text and theme for the overall theme.

Vintage Design Discount Labels Icons

Vintage Design Style Discount For Members Only Labels & Icons

Vector Supermarket Food Icons

Set of Vector Supermarket Food and Drink Icons

Sale Discount Vector Elements

Set of Sale & Discount Vector Elements

Stamp Style Discount Icons

Stamp Style Discount and Commercial Badges and Icons

High quality Fine Line Icons

20 High-quality Fine Line Icons

Special Offer Price Percent off Reduction Icons

Special Offer Price Percent off Reduction Icons

Sale Discount Icons in a Semi flat Design

Sale Discount Icons in a Semi Flat Design

Semi flat Round Percentage Icon

Semi Flat Design Round Percentage Free Icon

Discount Shopping Icon

Discount Shopping Icon

Percentage Discount Price Promotion Icon


Discount Tag Icon  Broken Line Design

Discount Tag Icon With a Broken Line Design

Tell me more!

Marketing, advertising, and design always come together when it comes to promoting a specific agenda. With a great promotional strategy, the design must also represent such and the agenda.

Speaking of advertising collaterals as well as promotional materials, were glad to share with you more design examples that will be of great help for any design projects at hand and for future design resources. We have listed promotional banners to help you get by with your marketing strategies. It features a wide range of categories applicable be it corporate, fashion, online social media medium, online & digital banners, pop ups and many more options to select from.

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