Through the years, silhouettes have been featured in a variety of works and have been created with several different mediums. A play off of negative and positive space, light and shade, silhouettes take advantage of the contours, curves, and edges of the chosen subject matter instead of including details. And, with a cityscape against a beautiful, picturesque dusk sky, you wouldn’t want cracks and wires to show up and ruin the scene!

With this collection of 8+ beautiful city silhouettes, you have a strangely mesmerizing outline of the tops of buildings against your choice backdrop. These Free Silhouette Designs come in JPG, PDF, Vector EPS, and AI Illustrator formats—perfect for those with multiple design needs!

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Big City Silhouette


City Night Silhouette


Urban City Silhouette


Download City Silhouette


City Silhouette Vector


Different Kinds of City Silhouettes

With a manner of presentation that is quite limiting, you might think that you won’t get much from this collection of city silhouettes. (For those of you who want something more on the fawny side of things, these Deer Silhouettes may be just what you’re looking for!) But stick around for a bit, and let me talk you through the several variants available just for you here.

  • Light and Shade

The artist of “Big City Silhouette” actually took things a step further by adding in highlights, using the “light” shade to mimic how natural light typically hits certain areas from a particular angle. This in turn produces a kind of 3D effect.

  • Good Old Standard

In “City Night Silhouette,” you get the good old industry standard of city silhouettes while “Download City Silhouette” is more of a cartoony take and with tiny white squares to depict the lit-up “rooms” in the buildings.

  • Lovely Layering

“Urban City Silhouette” takes city silhouettes in general on a whole different level. With the varying tones of blue, the artist provided depth and dimension by supplying several planes (two in the middleground).

  • Minimalist

You also have the non-imposing yet still beautiful ones like “City Silhouette Vector,” “American City Silhouette,” and “City Skyline Silhouette.”

  • Bold, Bright Backdrop

Then there are ones with the punchy backgrounds like “City Landscape Silhouette” and “City Outline Silhouette.”

American City Silhouette


City Skyline Silhouette


City Landscape Silhouette


The Deal with City Silhouettes

With the variety of designs in this collection of city silhouettes, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already thought of crafty, creative ways to use each one featured herein. But if you haven’t yet, that’s okay. No use in beating yourself up over it. So here are some suggestions on how to use these city silhouettes. (Or you can check out these Animal Silhouettes instead.)

  • City Silhouette Vectors

For you graphic designers, illustrators, art directors out there, we get how you can have so many projects to get done at a time. You don’t have the luxury of sufficient hours to make everything from scratch anymore. Hell, you don’t even have the luxury of sleep! But with these city silhouette vectors, you can save up on time and energy and more migraines.

  • City Silhouette Cutouts

For those of you who like to keep your display/exhibit art and crafts stuff on the more handmade side, you can definitely download any of these city silhouettes, print them out, and cut away to use as you please!

  • Art/Design Inspiration

If you’re looking to add to our portfolio, take some notes from, say, “Big City Silhouette” and “Urban City Silhouette.” Then incorporate some of the styles and techniques.


So now that the full talk-through is over, I’ll leave you to check the links and download!

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