An engaging website is something that most of the entrepreneurs or business owners wish to have. For inspiration, you can check out some new innovative design ideas used this week.Using these ideas, you would be able to increase the number of users drastically to your website. These websites have been adjudged as one of the most creative websites because of their design, updates and speed of browsing. Here are a few design ideas which will help in making your website even better.


Any media or advertising company needs to showcase their work or portfolio in the best possible manner. The company’s website should be imaginative and distinct from the crowd. The Toolofn website could be an inspiration for new media houses and or advertising companies. They have a number of designs displayed that show high-quality creativity which is a must for a media house. Due to such quality, there is no doubt that it has been on the top of the list for the week.



It has become the favorite platform for professionals to showcase their work. The simple and intuitive design have made it popular among millions of users. The website’s interface and the video capabilities let the user present their work in a proficient manner. In this age of technology, they show concepts that could be useful to a common user nd hence it is on the second position in the list.


The colorful and vibrant website design can inspire a lot of designers and developers. The expressive and innovative Lego- like design helps the user to experience the technical as well as the creative capabilities or features of the components that are being presented. For design lovers and creative minds, it is a perfect site to refer and hence this creatively designed site is also on the list.


The minimalistic design of the website can work well for an apparel brand, or a designer’s personal website or blog. If you love apparels it is a site that you must check at least once.


For businesses or design houses wanting to connect with consumers or users. The imaginative design ideas combined with the intuitive interface of the website can lead to dedicated consumer base or followers. A perfect site for businesses that need to connect with consumers in the retail market.


The simple orange design could be awe-inspiring for a brand new apparel label, which has good potential. Simple yet effective, these words have got an appropriate meaning here.


Node Plus- Dynamic ideas and designs are needed for a music label or a media house so that they can reach out to a wider base of potential customers.


The unique and innovative design concept or idea work well for contemporary artists. Elements should be added to make the original theme or idea to work efficiently. For the artists or art lovers, this is a must-visit site.


For a mass media business or a media company, the utmost importance should be given to communication or transmission of ideas through different channels. And the company’s website plays a primary role, so there should be images or designs that should be used as a background which relates to media or communication.


The simple, intuitive website or app design for new startups or brands, helps to connect with subscribers. Designing an intuitive and creative app is simple as long as you keep the fundamentals right.

An amiable website will be able to create a good impression in the minds of the users. It will help you to boost your business by a great deal. The suggestions mentioned above are very helpful in creating a website that will help to fulfill the requirements of creating a trendy and elegant website.

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