In the designing world, new and trendy designs keep on evolving and being updated about them is part of every designer’s job. So, here we present you an exciting new collection of best sites that are inspiring websites and motivating. Take a look at this collection to know what’s trending on the internet and add some of its interesting feature in your design to make it look effective.


It is a colorful design that showcases different scenes, objects and other stuff on the scroll. The stylish and bold typography gives eye catchy heading to the images and content it features wonderful color mixture that makes every element and objects on it look realistic and interesting that is the reason for the popularity of this creative and artistic design.


The animated view of the destructive old town that displays appropriate color for every object such as sky, water, trees, etc. the overall look of the design portrays the concept of destruction due to natural calamities perfectly. It comprises of the functional elements that add more flexibility to this trendy design.


This beautiful and elegant design majorly uses green color for portraying the concept of nature in a perfect way. It comes with plenty of boxes and blocks for posting images and related details to it. It features highly reactive elements that have made this nature theme design popular on the web.



This adorable cartooning design displays cute characters, which can grab the attention of any online visitor. Its home structured menu bar shows up different options available for navigation on just a click. This design is getting trendy and popular with its attractive and fun characters. In addition, it consists of social media widgets to link the design with the social platform.


This smart, elegant design with black color background and pink typography enhance the effectiveness of the overall design. With easy scrolling and clickable fields, this responsive layout has been trending on the internet for a long time. All the elements like tabs, menu bar, images, white space, etc are accurately arranged on this classy and stylish design.  


It is one of the best designs to showcase the artistic and creative work with its elegant display that is combined with excellent functionality and flexibility. The outstanding outlook of the design with beautiful architectural building in the background and interactive elements placed on it has made the design popular among the designer.


The black classic background of this design feature main element as shiny golden watch and it provides amazing scrolling functionality. With every scroll, the layout slides to show different features and options that keep the visitors engage in it. Hence, it is most popularly preferred web design by the designers.




This elegant design with the touch of professionalism and sophistication aligns image blocks in column wise for the better view and easy understanding. With bright white background, it uplifts the content and elements embedded on it. This classic design displaying a blinking header at the top is gaining lots of popularity due to its creativity.


This touch sensitive design in black color is well known to keep the visitors entertained with its amazing feature and smooth functionality. The dark background brings the white bold typography imprinted on it in the spotlight. It consists of highly reactive elements such as arrow button that direct visitors to more informational pages.


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