If you are a web designer, then you would definitely know the significance of knowing about the trendy website designs. So, here are some inspiring websites and exciting web designs in this week’s collection that will give you great ideas to use it in your designs. These web designs come with exceptionally amazing features, which you should definitely know about, so check them out today!


This exotic web design comes with an attractive color combination of black and other colorful shade. It consists of mind-blowing scroll feature that excites the online visitors, and it has made this design extremely popular among the designers. This creative yet professional looking web design distributes all the designing elements perfectly on its layout.


It is one of the most excellent web design that displays a beautiful color combination of white and blue shades with interactive sections. The simplicity and attractiveness of this intriguing design have made it a popular choice. Plus, the flexible features and elements embedded in it, makes it easy for the visitors to check out various options.


This blue, green and gray colored website design has won the heart of every viewer with its alluring and attractive outlook. Other than the beautiful appearance, this creative design consists of all the essential elements and presents them in a stylish manner. With sufficient space for images and content, it can fulfill every designing need and requirement.

Hunger in America

Undoubtedly, this animated and interactive web design is one of the best web designs as it conveys a story to the visitors with every scroll. All the components and elements are displays appropriate color to make the overall design look eye-catchy and effective. It offers exceptional flexibility and smoothness for easy navigation.

The Sky Is Not The Limit

It is a popular web design that proves it is not essential to use bright and colorful layout to get visitors attention as it displays intense night city view that can definitely catch anyone’s attention. With sensitive scroll and navigation button on the homepage, it takes the visitors to experience various elements and options on the design and help them to know more about it.


With the bright blue color and intriguing elements, this modern and stylish design is getting trendy in the website design world. The shocking expression of Kevin in the background will definitely excite the visitors to know what’s more to the website. It displays pricing, features and other tabs in the header followed by the sign-up page in the middle.


It is a web design with elegant black and white combination that adds more feel to the overall design. This web design is well known for its flexible scrolling feature that motivates the visitors to discover more options and content on the website. The wide images along with attractive bold typography give the design a beautiful touch.


The elegant look of this design combined with soothing color and smooth scroll option is the reason for the increasing popularity of this web design. For displaying new clothing or any other product, it features separate clickable boxes and blocks that are aligned accurately. Also, the navigation menu available on this subtle design provides easy browsing.


It a professional looking website with a creative touch, which is exactly what a trendy design required to capture maximum attention from the audience. Plus, it contains ample of sections for posting blogs, article as well as images related to it. At the bottom, this elegant design contains eye catchy section for displaying the information in yearly format.


It is one of the most responsive web design that comes with slightly moving sections for images and content, which is the main highlight of this modern and trendy website design. The plain white background in the layout brings the elements and features embedded on it to the notice of the audience.


This website design displays an amazing combination of white and blue color that gives it a soothing as well as interesting outlook. From services to blog, resources, FAQ, this trendy design consists of all the required tab elements, so it’s easier for the audience to navigate from one page to another.

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