Most of the information a company has to convey can be done through the company website. Potential investors or customers can get a gist of your company’s motto or goals. The more elegant or enthralling website helps to draw more potential customers towards the organization. Numerous aspects are taken into account in order to design a inspiring websites. In order to make a website attractive, few people prefer to give importance to the appearance while some people prioritize the utility. But a reasonable or rather a good website needs to be a perfect balance of utility and appearance. Following are websites that serve as good suggestions for designing elegant and easy to browse websites:


White is used to denote simplicity. Any website with a white background can be used to symbolize a website with simplicity. So, a website with its simple logo on the white background will help to create a sense of simplicity in the minds of people. Such a website can be used by websites of different Non-Governmental Volunteer organization. The simplicity of navigation is good and therefore all the people who want to search for the Non-government organization can go for this website.


Black creates a mystery in the minds of people. A simple digital style of writing on a black background can be used to design a website that creates a sense of simple mystery. This type of design can be used by websites of cars and vehicle modifiers. Black is in trend due to the dark shade and immediate highlighting of other colors.


A website with pictures of abstract comedy is a great attention grabber. A similar website can be used to attract people who are interested in designing innovative things. The creativity is symbolized in the website design.


It is symbolizes something related to female. Nothing can be more romantic than a beautiful girl in a white dress walking on a beach. Such a design can be used by websites selling different kinds of women’s dresses or even perfumes.


A cloud on a black background is a great way of representing something innovative. It can also be mean cloud computing. Such a design can be used by designing studios or companies providing cloud computing services.


Masked men are a great way to create a sense of mystery. A website with masked men covering their faces can be used to denote the website of any detective agency. Also, the government organization dealing with homicide can adapt this design.


Simple font writing on a black background can be used by websites to bring out the sense of professionalism. Such a website can be designed to denote different financial sites such as that of a financial consultancy or bank. When a customer is surfing some finance website, he/she wishes the website to be as simple as possible. This design gives the feel of simplicity.


A website with a front of a big door and a few stairs denote classic business. Such a website can be used by banks.

As mentioned earlier, the different websites serve as a good guide to designing beautiful, attractive as well as user-friendly websites. It has been seen that users prefer a simple website that has a user-friendly interface. These sample websites will motivate you as a designer and will help you make your site more lucrative for online visitors. It is much important to understand the requirements of a company or client and design it accordingly.

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