In the web design world, every designer knows that the new trending website design that is hitting the market, so the designer can use such designs for inspiration. Here, you’ll come across extremely amazing and popular website designs, which has excelled in every area. Check out a collection featuring few of the best inspiring sites of the week to inspire your mind and create some exceptional designs.


This classy design comes with a commendable color combination of green and dark purple, which makes the design look lively and energetic.  With the main element as sports shoes, the design showcases the grip, style and comfort of the shoes in an elegant way and it is gaining popularity as it is attracting online visitors swiftly towards it.


This artistic website design displays the forest view in the night vision with creative animal characters featured on it that adds more interest and excitement to the design. It consists of the dark blue background, which portrays the night theme perfectly and it’s getting popular among designer working on the website such as wildlife, story teller, etc.


With the colorful mixture of pink, red, peach and other shades, this design is getting trendy for its elegance and gracefulness. This modern website design comes with appropriate elements, which makes it easy to identify and use various features. It is a trending design in the web design world, due to its attractive and interactive outlook.


It is one of the most brilliant website designs on the web and it comes with the lovely color combination that makes it look magical, lively and exciting. With proper distribution of every element such as space, images, etc it offers excellent flexibility and navigation. The lovely and adorable characters used in the design have made it every designer’s favorite.

Tati Express

This remarkable website design features interesting multimedia elements that are aligned perfectly with proper whitespace to maintain a clean and crisp look of the layout. This creative design consists of a lovely color combination of dark and light shades, which can amaze every viewer with its appearance. Hence, the web designers are opting for this attractive and trendy site design.  


This website design comes with a simple yet eye catching outlook, which is making it popular among the web designers. The dark background of the design brings the attention of the viewer on the content printed on it. The excellent navigation elements used in the designs gives the visitor better browsing experience.

Worlds Easiest Decision

This modish and stylish design with impressive color combination can enhance the appearance of any website. The smooth and interactive elements along with intriguing scrolling and the clicking feature is making this website design trendy and it has inspired many web designers with its creativity. It features multimedia elements as well.


This is a modern and trendy website design, which includes appropriate elements such as smooth navigation, areas with zoom-in and zoom-out features, headphone icon, sharing options and so on. It displays an alluring color combination of darker shades that makes it look more intense as well as interesting. It is popularly used for website featuring videos on musical concerts, acting, performances and events.


The website design with bright color displaying a scenic view of snow hills and mountains is getting trendy as it portrays the intention of the website perfectly. it showcase sold out button, which on clicking opens up green colored form that the visitors can fill for further process. Also, it contains elements for connectivity with various social media platform.

Petra in Street View

It is a website design showcasing stone sculpture and buildings in the background, which gives it a unique and appealing outlook. From the red to brown natural color of stone, this colorful design also features Google maps along with options for its compatibility with different devices supporting different operating system such as iOS, android, and windows.


This watery touch website design with colorful crystal background is extremely gorgeous. Its eye catchy quality and attention-grabbing feature has made this website design with feathery touch popular on the internet. It features menu button that displays tabs elements for home, work, lab and about. Every page displays breathtaking backgrounds, which will definitely maintain the interest of the visitors.

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