If you’ve already seen a good number of movies set in a log cabin in the woods, with heavy, gaudy, tasteless furniture and décor (perhaps a solid slasher film?), then you’ve probably already gotten yourself familiar with the taxidermists’ dream that are mounted deer heads. Seeing the head of a dead deer—its eyes trained on you, but you can’t look away because it’s right there on the wall—is pretty much the stuff of nightmares.

But, with this collection of 9+ beautiful deer head silhouettes (and throw in these Deer Silhouettes as well), be prepared to look at deer heads differently! Also, just to throw it out there, they come in PNG, JPG, Vector EPS, and AI Illustrator formats.

Deer Head Silhouette PNG

Deer Head Silhouette Png

Deer Head Silhouette Vector

Deer Head Silhouette Vector

Deer Head Silhouette Clip Art

Deer Head Silhouette Clipart

Printable Deer Head Silhouette

Printable Deer Head Silhouette

Free Deer Head Silhouette

Free Deer Head Silhouette


Deer Head Silhouettes 4 Ways

Right now, you’re probably thinking that with a bunch of nothing but deer head Silhouettes Vector Illustrations , it’s too easy to find redundant designs, that there won’t be much actual difference across all images for you to even consider giving this collection a second look. But humor me for a while, and just browse some more. You might think differently afterward!

  • Negative or Positive?

Know about the whole negative and positive space deal? Check out “Deer Head Silhouette PNG” and “Black & White Deer Head Silhouette” for a bit of a mind trip and some confusion.

  • Industry Standard

In “Deer Head Silhouette Clip Art” and “Printable Deer Head Silhouette,” you get the standard for deer head silhouettes (and even a couple of extras) in different angles: straight on and profile.

  • The Horror!

In “Free Deer Head Silhouette” and “Modern Deer Head Silhouette,” you actually get the proof of these demented things being the stuff of nightmares.

  • Deer Head Outline

Then there are “Deer Head Silhouette Vector,” “Outline Deer Head Silhouette,” “Deer Head Silhouette Drawing,” and “Cartoon Deer Head Silhouette,” which aren’t really deer head silhouettes so much as they are deer head outlines. Nevertheless, the image quality is still incredible.

Outline Deer Head Silhouette

Outline Deer Head Silhouette

Deer Head Silhouette Drawing

Deer Head Silhouette Drawing

Modern Deer Head Silhouette

Modern Deer Head Silhouette

The Deal with Deer Head Silhouettes

Now that we’ve taken care of the different variations of these deer head silhouettes, let’s get to the fun part. There are several, various ways you can make use of these silhouettes (and these Animal Silhouettes), and a few of them are the following:

  • Deer Head Silhouette Vectors

With you being a graphic designer and/or illustrator and all (if you actually are), knowing the amount of work that you have to finish at a time, you very well can’t take care of every single element and make them from scratch. And that’s okay. Which is why you can enlist the help of these deer head silhouette vectors. You can use them to start with or just let yourself take inspiration from them.

  • Deer Logo Inspiration

Creating a logo for an outdoor, hunting, mountaineering gear and apparel store or for a hunting lodge? Grab that project by the antlers, and check out these potentials. (Personal favorite is “Deer Head Silhouette PNG.”)

  • Art Style Inspiration

In case you want to update your illustration style and opt for a clean, straightforward one, you may take a look at the likes of “Outline Deer Head Silhouette” and “Deer Head Silhouette Drawing.

With your options and our suggestions covered, all you need now is to check out the links and download these deer head silhouettes!

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