Sharks. They have been dubbed as the “living fossils” of the oceans. How have these top predators managed to continuously live on the planet for the past millions of years? If you, like us, are still baffled by their ongoing survival, then how about you scroll down and check out these designs to let the astonishment and amazement continue.

Download these shark silhouettes, all the images convey drama and mystery. These illustrations are available in both PSD and VECTOR formats. We leave these black interiors at the mercy of your imagination as we give you fun facts about each one of them.
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Hammerhead Shark Silhouette


Bull Shark Silhouette

Simple Shark Silhouette

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  • When it comes to denizens of the deep with beauty, the hammerhead shark will always be a red flag on the list. They are peculiarly shaped and you can tell that their head will give any creature a bang before the bite. Sadly, this shark group is slowly being eliminated as they are hunted for their fins. Think, shark fin soup.
  • Jaws. The Spielberg movie of the mid-70s that torpedoed its way to the blockbuster charts. You can use this Simple Shark Silhouette as a screensaver to remind you that back then, CGI was hardly a byword.
  • Of all the sharks, the bull shark has the reputation of having the most attacks on a human beings. Aggressive and able to thrive in both freshwater and saltwater habitat, the bull shark is a ferocious creature because as its name suggests, it is the bully of the open seas and oceans. That ferocity is apparent in this Bull Shark Silhouette.
  • This Great White Shark silhouette is one of the ocean’s biggest carnivore. It can reach a length of up to 20 feet and weigh more than 5,000 pounds. The great white shark had a prehistoric cousin known as the megalodon. The great white’s predecessor had teeth that was the size of a person’s head.
  • If you want a full-on treatment of our shark silhouette, choose the Shark Clip Art Silhouette. The 13 silhouettes on this image showcase a feeding frenzy of sorts. You can make a who’s who of the multiple sharks present her, from the Great White Shark to the Tiger Shark.

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Shark Silhouette Vector


Isolated Shark Silhouette

Great White Shark Silhouette


What can you say about all these images? From that shark silhouette vector to the shark clip art silhouette, they can all be downloaded easily. If you’re a designer, a web page homeowner, or just a plain web browser. Make those digits do the clicking. Make these shark silhouettes inspire you for your next creation. Use these images as a source of enhancement for your presentations be it as a:

  • visual aid
  • document
  • screensaver
  • web page decoration

How Can These Images Be User-Friendly

  • All the shark silhouette images shown in this list can be downloaded, as a pdf or jpg file.
  • They can easily be edited
  • They can be printed on any paper available
  • All shark silhouettes  are available in high resolution

What are you waiting for? Get those fingers busy and start downloading these hassle-free shark silhouettes! Take your pick! You can also see our Mermaid Silhouettes

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