Are you a student working on a presentation or homework, the requirements of which include creativity? Or perhaps you’re an employee on whom the boss has imposed an unforgiving deadline to come up with some print material for a corporate or advertising event for your company? For whatever reason you have ended up scouring the internet for silhouettes–specifically of the human variety–you’re in luck.

We have in this curated list 9+ beautiful human silhouettes for you to choose from. They are all available in JPG, Vector EPS, Ai Illustrator formats. They are downloadable and can easily be customized. You can also check out other our list Free Silhouette Designs for more options.

Human Standing Silhouettes

Human Standing Silhouette


Human Walking Silhouettes

Human Walking Silhouette


Human Body Silhouettes

Human Body Silhouette

Human Head Silhouette

Human Head Silhouette

Human Yoga Poses Silhouette

Human Yoga Poses Silhouette


A Variety of Silhouettes for a Variety of Purposes

  • The Corporate Life

For designs that are business-centered and feature some aspect of corporate life, you’ll need designs that include men and women in various business attires and poses. Refer to “Human Standing Silhouettes” and “Dowloadable Human Silhouettes”

  • Yoga

Are you a gym or yoga instructor? Do you want to create some print media or perhaps a web layout that would convey your message to the general public? Select from the variety of poses available in “Human Yoga Poses Silhouette”

  • Dancing

Do you need a design for a program or a stage show? Or maybe you’re the proprietor of an dance school and want to design ads for the classes you offer? For compelling and dynamic designs, refer to our “Dancing Silhouettes” or check out our list of Dancing Girls Silhouettes.

  • Kids

Energy, excitement and the active lifestyle of youth–these are the elements you will see in “Human Kids Silhouette”.

  • Various Poses

If you want silhouettes that have people just standing around, they are available in “Human Body Silhouettes” and “Free Human Silhouettes”. For silhouettes of people walking, download some of these “Human Walking Silhouettes”. There are also a variety of different poses you can look into with “Human Silhouettes Vector”.

Dowloadable Human Silhouettes

Dowload Human Silhouette

Human Silhouettes Vector

Human Silhouette Vector


Human Kids Silhouette

Human Kids Silhouette


Human Dancing Silhouettes

Human Dancing Silhouette


Free Human Silhouettes

Free Human Silhouettes


What to Do with These Human Silhouettes

Flat designs are the in thing as of the present. They are simple and clean and very minimalist, which means that there is less clutter that would distract your audience from the information you want to offer. This approach to the design can be applied to a variety of different things.

  • Posters or Other Print Ads

The purpose of most print ads, such as flyers and posters, is to deliver the necessary information for whatever it is the company is advertising. Because this will most likely crowd the layout with text, silhouettes are ideal addtions.

  • All the Different Types of Tags

Add some human elements into your gift tags, thank you tags and even price tags by grabbing and making use of one of these human silhouettes.

  • Event Invitations

If you’re going for a minimalist design for your invitation cards–whether it’s for a birthday party, a bridal shower, an anniversary, or even for a wedding reception–you can’t go wrong with our selection of silhouettes.

  • Decor

Cut up a number of these human silhouette shapes after you print them out, and string them up together to form a banner.

  • Scrapbook Material

Make your scrapbook a little more dynamic by including one or two of our human silhouettes in the mix.


If you want silhouettes that are mainly of the gentler and more elegant female variety, check out our Woman Silhouettes listing.

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