Some people may perceive coloring as a no-brainer activity. Think again! It may seem like an effortless task but this is actually a proven effective learning step for kids and stress reliever for adults. Today’s subject is the giraffe, adorable creatures that will surely be loved by the young ones. This is the perfect activity for pre-schoolers and adult to practice creativity and much more.

Enjoy these coloring pages of giraffes we’ve compiled just for you! The files are supported by JPG and Ai Illustrator for easy saving and rescaling. If you want a more focused collection for adults, do check our Printable Adult Coloring Pages listing.

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Baby Giraffe Coloring Page


Giraffe Head Coloring Page


Giraffe Coloring Page for Adults


Printable Giraffe Coloring Page


Gentle as They Come

  • Did you know that no to two giraffes have the same spot patterns? Just like a human being’s fingerprint, a giraffe’s spot pattern is unique.
  • Giraffes are sociable and peaceful creatures and the only animals who rarely fights. The unusual neck-hitting behavior that male perform is called “necking”. These encounters, however, lasts for only a couple of minutes and would sometimes result in injury.
  • The giraffe scientific name, giraffe camelopardalis, means “one who walks quickly”.
  • Giraffe symbolizes vision, beauty, patience, cleverness, intuition, perception, intelligence, gracefulness, resourcefulness, and gentleness.

Color To Your Heart’s Desire

Knowing how gentle these creatures are, comes as no surprise why they’re the best subjects for coloring. Here’s a breakdown of the items appropriate for you.

  • Get your kids to color our adorable coloring items such as the “Baby Giraffe Coloring Page”, “Printable Giraffe Coloring Page”, ” Free Giraffe Coloring Page”, “Cartoon Giraffe Coloring Page”, “Cute Giraffe Coloring Page”, and “Giraffe Animal Coloring Page”.
  • The “Giraffe Coloring Page for Adults”, and “Realistic Giraffe Coloring Page” for adults, will make you want to color till your heart’s content.

You can also give our Free Printable Coloring Pages a test drive.

Cartoon Giraffe Coloring Page


Cute Giraffe Coloring Page


Giraffe Animal Coloring Page


Benefits to Enjoy

  • Development of writing skills

This educational activity will develop the hand strength of a learning child and eliminate the incorrect pencil grasp.

  • Alleviates Stress

Coloring as an activity will help a child and even adults learn or practice patience by allowing relaxation upon doing the activity.

  • Develops Mental Focus

Getting a child to color can result in increased focus as this activity requires concentration. It will prepare the child before for school.

  • Builds Up Confidence

After finishing a page, reward or compliment the child to make them feel a sense of accomplishment. This way, they will feel confident and ready for challenges they might encounter in school or in their environment.

  • Self-Expression

All individuals have different means of expressing oneself. Some people get into writing, acting and for some, coloring or doing art. It is important for a child to understand what he can do to avoid depression and stress.


Our giraffe coloring pages ensure friendliness with its scale and simplicity. Definitely suitable for kids and adults.

So, what’s the holdup? Go grab your own copy by downloading and printing them. If you want to go the extra mile on details, go check our Abstract Coloring Pages listing as well.

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