Say you were cleaning out your room or the garage and you stumbled upon an old box filled with some remnants from your childhood. You spotted your old, well-loved coloring book. How are you feeling? I suppose you’re laughing at the memory of a younger version of yourself attempting to color within the lines.

Well, why not take a longer nostalgic trip with this collection of 9+ cool coloring pages for download? These Coloring Pages for Adults offer different designs for variety and are available in JPG format for ease of download. Scroll down to see for yourself!

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Printable Cool Bird Coloring Page


Cool Coloring Page for Adults


Mandala Abstract Coloring Page


Anime Coloring Page


Cool Disney Coloring Page


All Kinds of Cool in these Cool Coloring Pages

Whether they are Coloring Pages for Girls, boys, kids, adults, they are all equally enjoyable; and upon looking at the ones you see here, you may already even be thinking, Yes, they are! Not to mention the fact that they’re clearly more than the defined cartoon outlines that were very popular in the coloring books of yesteryear. To top that off, like I said earlier, there’s a lot to choose from here.

  • In the nostalgia train, you go

Some of the illustrations featured here may be more than familiar to you. You get a nice dose of Disney, Sanrio, and Mattel here with the following coloring pages: “Cool Disney Coloring Page,” “Mickey Mouse Coloring Page,” “Hello Kitty Coloring Page,” “Cool Cartoon Coloring Page,” and “Barbie Coloring Page.”

  • Animal lovin’

What’s a good collection of coloring pages without a few of our fine furry or feathered friends? You can get a couple with “Printable Cool Bird Coloring Page” and “Animal Coloring Page.”

  • Everything whimsical

Of course, you gotta have a few or more of the magical ones, the ones that may or may not transport you to an enchanting wooded area that’s populated with fairies or simply bring you peace and comfort. You can have that in “Cool Coloring Page for Adults,” “Mandala Abstract Coloring Page,” and “Anime Coloring Page.”

Mickey Mouse Coloring Page


Hello Kitty Coloring Page


Barbie Coloring Page


Cool Cartoon Coloring Page


Animal Coloring Page


What’s up with Coloring Pages?

Simple and straightforward coloring pages or Abstract Coloring Pages, they have their purpose. A few notable ones, especially for those who are well into or are just getting the hang of “adulting,” are the following:

  • Coloring reduces anxiety.

In a nutshell, anxiety happens when we’re all overwhelmed with tasks, projects, deadlines, insecurities, financial strains, relationship problems, dissolution of friendships, business troubles, and the list goes on. With all that (and probably more) buzzing around in your head, it would be good to have something to divert your attention and focus. Coloring is a great way to “de-concentrate.”

  • Coloring helps you reconnect with your Inner Child.

The Inner Child is essentially that part of yourself more in tune with the innocent joys and unconditional love. Something as simple as coloring Barbie’s dress different tones of pink helps you get back to that place of innocence. Reconnecting with your Inner Child helps to break your dangerous negative-thinking patterns and reminds you not to be too hard on yourself.

  • Coloring sparks creativity.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory.


So now that you know all of that, what are you dallying for? Check out the links, and hit that download button!

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