Proud parent of a fur baby or not, there’s no denying that you are done for once you see these big-eyed, four-legged balls of fluff playing with a string of yarn or chasing the red dot of light from a laser or even doing nothing, really. With the occasional animation of their sworn enemies (yes, dogs) and a generally unpredictable temperament, cats have burrowed their way into plenty of people’s hearts; and I won’t be surprised if you’re one of them.

That said, you are definitely gonna like our collection of cute cat drawings. They’re unlike Abstract Drawings, which take quite a while to understand. These are straightforward cat drawings available for download in a JPG format.

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Cat Pencil Drawing


Simple Cat Drawing


Cartoon Cat Drawing


Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty

Being more partial to dogs myself, I admit that I sometimes get pulled in when a gray tabby looks up at me with its almost hypnotic eyes as if to say, “Feed me, Human!” (And I kid you not. That actually happened to me. I got myself a table outside a McDonald’s and was eating my dinner when a stray gray tabby kind of scratched at my left leg and looked at me. I caved and gave it some food. Of course.) I don’t know what it is about these little fur balls, but I’m sure you guys can provide better insight.

Like these Wolf Drawings, our incredible collection of cute cat drawings offers such a variety of designs.

  • Realistic sketches

It’s amazing how the artist perfectly got the strokes to mimic cat hairs and the cat’s position in “Realistic Cat Drawing.” It accurately illustrates the generally lazy characteristic of felines.

  • Up close and personal

The closeup “shot” you get in “Cat Pencil Drawing” is one that just goes above and beyond with the amount of detail incorporated. The artist even got the fine wisps of hair coming out of the ears.

  • Emerging from shapes

I admire how the artist of “Kitty Cat Drawing” cleverly used circles and ovals as a guide to producing this adorable kitten.

Tabby Cat Drawing


Cat Face Drawing


Kitty Cat Drawing


For All Intents and FURposes

Because I know how crafty you fur moms and dads can get when something has to do with your favorite little critter, I bet you’ve already thought of several ways to use these cute cat drawings. But of course, we have our own little roundup of suggestions:

  • Guide for the fur sketch artist

Even if you aren’t an artist by any means (say, the best artwork you’ve churned out is the paper with splotches of poster paint from way back in kindergarten) but you want to emulate some of these amazing sketches, you can absolutely do that. Pro tip: you can start off by laying a grid on top of your chosen sketch, and on a clean sheet of paper, recreate the grid. Then little by little, you draw, following the lines and curves in each square.

  • Display photo replacement

Whether it’s a laptop screensaver or your desktop background or your Facebook profile photo even, you can definitely show the world how much you love cats with these drawings.

  • Card for the feline lovers

Tired of the repetitive designs on greeting cards? Well, opt for these instead, and make your fur-loving friend smile!
So check out the links and download now! (Or check out these Horse Drawings as well.)

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