In your freehand class today, your professor tells you that you have to hand in four plates of tiger drawings at the end of the week. All she says is “You have free interpretation and free creative reign for this assignment. Impress me!” Of course, you can’t very well submit just some shoddy Pencil Drawings. So you have a challenge.

By some wonderful coincidence, you find yourself viewing this collection of 9+ elegant tiger drawings! They are all so very different—perfect to feed your inspiration needs! And they are available for JPG download, just in case you may need them as reference material you have to continuously go back to.

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Tiger Face Drawing


Tiger Tattoo Drawing

Baby Tiger Drawing


Tiger Cub Drawing


Tiger Cartoon Drawing


Different Offerings of Tiger Drawings

Like these Lion Drawings, this collection of tiger drawings does not have much else to offer as regards subject matter (duh, all the images obviously feature tigers), these tiger sketches are definitely more than just a couple of doodles and scribbles. Also, they still do offer quite a variety of options for you to choose from—with different styles, different mediums, different perspectives, and different artists.

  • Realistic Tiger Sketches

As you can see in this collection of tiger sketches, there are a few offerings that really do look like they could be as good as the real thing. You get a few closeups (and by closeup, I do mean right up in the tiger’s face) like “Tiger Face Drawing” and “Angry Tiger Drawing.” You also get a few others featuring this feisty feline in various resting positions, such as, “Baby Tiger Drawing,” “Tiger Cub Drawing,” and “Simple Tiger Drawing.”

  • Cute and Cartoony

In both “Tiger Cartoon Drawing” and “Pencil Drawing of Tiger,” the tiger, normally a highly instinctual and irrational being, has character and seemingly human-like personality.

  • Free Interpretation

Then you have the ones that channel the atypical, not of the norm: “Tiger Tattoo Drawing,” “Realistic Tiger Drawing,” and “Tribal Tiger Drawing.”

Simple Tiger Drawing


Angry Tiger Drawing


Tribal Tiger Drawing


How-To’s with These Tiger Drawings

Perhaps, even at this juncture, you still find these tiger sketches as just a bunch of Cartoon Drawings that aren’t all that special. But before you close that tab or window, let me tell you about the ways you can use these tiger drawings. Trust me. There’s more than one.

  • Design Ideas

If you have taken quite a liking to the cat in question and are thinking about showing that appreciation by getting yourself inked, perhaps you might like the look of “Tiger Tattoo Drawing” or “Tribal Tiger Drawing.” You can even use the latter as logo design inspiration for an up-and-coming sports team.

  • Art Inspiration

Whichever tiger drawing speaks to you, whichever you’re drawn to, you may perhaps be inspired to reproduce you own. It could be “Tiger Face Drawing,” something you may use as a guide in mimicking the furry planes of the tiger’s face. Or it could be “Pencil Drawing of Tiger,” an image you can study to know how to inject some personality and life into your own sketches.

  • Featured Image

Maybe you have a special kind of love for the Bengal tiger, and you wanna write a post debunking the many misconceptions people have toward this creature. You can use “Tiger Cub Drawing” as the featured image for that post.


So now that you’ve pawed through the collection and suffered through that spiel, I’m gonna leave you to check out the links and download. You know you will.

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