Once in a while, an artist has to have a refresher course of sorts to flex those illustrator muscles, to maintain and/or improve the fluidity or dexterity of the hand, and to keep the craft exciting and fresh for him. To address this, a good freehand sketching sesh could be just what Da Vinci ordered. Of course, you’d need a simple yet somehow also challenging subject to start with, right?

Then maybe this collection of the 9+ best lion drawings for inspiration may give you a few ideas. Take a pass on those Abstract Drawings, and try your hand at good old sketching with the many designs and styles featured here, all of which are available for JPG download.

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Realistic Lion Drawing


Lion Couple Drawing


Roaring Lion Drawing


Lion Pencil Drawing


Different Offerings of Lion Drawings

While this collection of Lion Drawings may not have much else to offer as regards subject matter (I mean, they’re all images obviously feature lions), these lion sketches are definitely more than just a couple of random scribbles. They still do offer quite a variety of options for you to choose from—with different styles, different mediums, different perspectives, and different artists.

  • Impressive Headshots

“Roaring Lion Drawing,” “Lion Tattoo Drawing,” and “Lion Face Drawing,” all feature the majestic oversize feline creature in a very close and personal angle. Each of them, however, have varying human-like expressions: the first one obviously being that of anger (well, this is debatable as lions could roar because several different reasons), he second one being tired almost, and the third being strangely melancholic.

  • The King of the Jungle in Royal Repose

In the following lion sketches, we see the great cat in various states of rest: “Realistic Lion Drawing,” “Lion Couple Drawing,” “Lion Pencil Drawing,” “Lion Charcoal Drawing,” “Lion Art Drawing,” and “Lion Sketch Drawing.”

  • Cute and Cartoony

Then you have the little cartoon number “Cartoon Lion Drawing,” which your Simba-loving tiny human may take quite a liking toward (I mean, I know five-year-old me would).

Lion Tattoo Drawing


Lion Art Drawing


Lion Sketch Drawing


Cartoon Lion Drawing


How-To’s with These Lion Drawings

At this point, you’re probably already nodding in agreement that this collection of lion drawings is more than just a handful of Cartoon Drawings. Also considering the not-to-scoff-at quality of each image, you’ve probably already thought of a few different ways to use them. But if you haven’t, that’s okay. Here are our suggestions for you to start with:

  • Art Inspiration

Upon looking at any of the realistic lion sketches, especially the first two “Realistic Lion Drawing” and “Lion Couple Drawing,” you may be inspired to get into realism as well. Perhaps you may also be inspired to go with a more interesting, textured, quirky take like what the “Lion Charcoal Drawing” seems to be all about.

  • Photography Ideas

Given the collection of drawings here featuring the lion in all positions and angles, you’d know which ones would look best when you do decide to ride out your “Well, what the hey!” phase and go to sub-Saharan Africa for a few wildlife photo shoots.

  • Display Photo

If you’re looking to make a sort of PSA (public service announcement) type of post about preserving lions, you can make “Lion Sketch Drawing” your featured image if you don’t have an actual stock picture in your own collection.


Whatever you decide to do—download or not—know that you won’t regret going with the former. So go ahead and check out those links!

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