Coloring books are usually associated with kids. That was true until only recently. Two years ago, coloring books for adults started popping all over the place after it was proven to be therapeutic. In fact, therapists had been touting this claim for over a decade. Are you planning to embark on this recreational activity to help you manage accumulated stress? Then, fate has brought you here!

If you can’t find any other accessible coping resource to that stress or emotion-outbreak of yours, then a coloring book for adults is your answer. Check out these printable Coloring Pages for Adults we have listed and color those blues away!

Free Christmas Tree Craft Pattern Template

free christmas tree craft pattern template

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Islamic Pattern Coloring Page

Islamic Pattern Coloring Page


Swirl Pattern Coloring Page

Swirl Pattern Coloring Page


Paisley Pattern Coloring Page

Paisley Pattern Coloring Page


Pattern Coloring Pages for Birthday

Pattern Coloring Pages for Adults


Animal Pattern Coloring Page

Animal Pattern Coloring Page


Approved Therapeutic Claims

Adult coloring books have been proven to help with a number of emotional and mental concerns such as:

  • boredom,
  • stress disorders,
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder,
  • anxiety disorders, and so on.

Coloring can pave a way into helping the individual divert his focus and attention from negative issues and bad habits to safe and productive activities.

Nature’s Way

Nature inspired or surreal abstract, these drawings may or may not be concentrating on a single point, but you will notice these repetitive patterns can be soothing. Refer to Paisley Pattern Coloring Pages or Swirl Pattern Coloring Page. Or maybe you like animals more and think that our Animal Pattern Coloring page, or Abstract Pattern Coloring Page eases you more? how about Quilt Patterns? Pick your fave!


  • Coloring brings back the simpler and happier times of childhood. Being able to tap into moments of joy can be a very cathartic and enjoyable process.
  • Like meditation, coloring pages like our Mandala Pattern Coloring Page for Adults allows you to switch off your brain from your thoughts and only focus on the moment, alleviating that free-floating anxiety.

If you are more likely in the mood for alphabets, feel free to check out our Alphabet Coloring Pages as well.

Abstract Pattern Coloring Page

Abstract Pattern Coloring Page


Quilt Pattern Coloring Page

Quilt Pattern Coloring Page


Lilly Pattern Coloring Page

Lilly Pattern Coloring Page


Mandala Pattern Coloring Page for Adults

Pattern Coloring Page for Adults


Mushroom Pattern Coloring Page

Mushroom Pattern Coloring Page



Many people have claimed that they find tranquility in coloring, it puts them in a safe capsule and creates this isolated place within the process.

These coloring pages are not limited to any age, gender, educational background or profession. It is for those who want to immerse themselves in this therapeutic activity.

Getting Started

If you’re dealing with serious mental or emotional issues, it is still better to consult professional help. If you’re just seeking for some chill activity, then this is perfect for you!

Instead of using crayons, use colored pencils instead. It is said to give more emphasis to your strokes and shades. Now, you’re all set– Scribble on!

The steps to start is relatively simple, all you need to do is:

  • Select the coloring page/s you like most
  • Click “Download”
  • Open containing folder
  • Print it with any printer connected to your PC
  • and color away!

These coloring pages are available in SVG, PNG, JPG, and EPS customizable formats. In addition, if you are looking for a more girly or kid-friendly option you may browse through Coloring Pages for Girls as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Select your faves, follow the steps and start scribbling!

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