You’re at your desk, in front of your computer for your day’s work, but you just aren’t feeling it somehow. Or perhaps you have your paperback of To Kill a Mockingbird open so that you can get on with your reading assignment, but every time you look at the first page, you feel sleepy. I suppose you’re in need of a good distraction.

Look no further, my friend. With these beautiful dog coloring pages and a few of these Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages as well, you can get both your eyes and brain awake! They come in various designs and in a JPG format, and they’re absolutely ready for you to download!

Harry the Dirty Dog Coloring Page

Harry the Dirty Dog Coloring Page


Hot Dog Coloring Page

Hot Dog Coloring Page


Prairie Dog Coloring Page

Prairie Dog Coloring Page


Dog Bone Coloring Page

Dog Bone Coloring Page


Dog House Coloring Page

Dog House Coloring Page


Why We’re DOGging You with These Pages

So why am I trying to get you to check out these beautiful dog coloring pages (and maybe also these Abstract Coloring Pages), you ask? Well, here are a few very good reasons:

  • Improves hand-eye coordination

Not many people have too much trouble in this department, but it couldn’t hurt to get the speed up too, right? With the simple act of looking to the side and reaching over to grab that sky-blue Crayola done repeatedly, you can actually improve your hand-eye coordination. Pretty soon, it’s not gonna something that’ll take effort or thought; it’ll be second nature.

  • Gives a sense of artistic fulfillment

I’m sure that you still get even a smidge excited at the sight of a 64-piece box set of Crayola, more than 20 coloring pens, and untouched watercolor pans all together. Now getting to work with all those mediums, blending different colors together, all the while keeping a steady hand so as not to go past the lines is the fun and challenging part.

  • Promotes healthy familial relationships

Instead of planting yourself and your munchkin in front of the TV, why not use these coloring pages and chat instead?

Dog Coloring Page for Adults

Dog Coloring Page for Adults


Bulldog Coloring Page

Bulldog Coloring Page


African Wild Dog Coloring Page

African Wild Dog Coloring Page


Christmas Dog Coloring Page

Christmas Dog Coloring Page


Different Breeds

As you’ve probably (also) already noticed, these dog coloring pages are available in different art styles and designs. A few of the more notable ones are the following:

  • Regular pooch

Okay, maybe regular isn’t the right word to describe such a wonderful breed as the one featured in “Eskimo Dog Coloring Page.” And check out this little cheeky one in “Dog House Coloring Page.”

  • Different spin

When you think about dogs, a mandala tattoo does not exactly register, right? But of course, upon seeing this adorable one in “Dog Coloring Page for Adults,” you wouldn’t really care, I bet. In fact, with such an intricate design, you might even enjoy trying to jam as many colors as possible onto this page.

  • Not quite the dog you imagine

Because we like to keep things on the funny side, we threw in a couple . . . er . . . unconventional “dogs” into the mix. Laugh it up as you try to color “Hot Dog Coloring Page” and “Prairie Dog Coloring Page.” (The latter looks kind of like a sleepy rodent though, to be honest.)
So there you have it! Different breeds, different kinds for different fur lovers. Download now to get your copies! (But for you feather-loving friends, here are some Bird Coloring Pages.)

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